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Feb 13
 Thursday Written By: Dave Campbell

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our 6 Tips to Launch your mCommerce Business series these past few weeks. Hopefully you’ve begun putting these tips into action! Check out the infographic in full below. To see more like this, check out our other mCommerce research on the BoldChat website and feel free to share your feedback in the comments – we’d love to hear from you.



Feb 07
 Friday Written By: Dave Campbell

Did you know 84% of mCommerce sites have a dedicated customer service area? It’s clear that customer service matters to your business – and customers appreciate it.  So last, but not least, please see Tip #6 in our 6 Tips to Launch your mCommerce Business series, below.

Check out the full 4th Annual Mobile Mystery Shopping Study to get insight into optimizing your mobile experience.

Feb 05
 Wednesday Written By: Dave Campbell

Last week’s “6 Tips to Launch your mCommerce Business” blog post told us 75% of shoppers research products 50% of the time which is why you should select necessary information from your eComm site to use on your mobile site for a consistent mobile experience.  This week, we look more closely at the checkout process for the shopper. See Tip #5 below.

If you’re an internet retailer, have you seen shopping cart abandonment go down when you have fast checkout available to your customers?

Download the full 4th Annual Mobile Mystery Shopping Study to see more data.

Jan 30
 Thursday Written By: Dave Campbell

Does your eCommerce and mobile site present a consistent experience for the shopper? Check out Tip #4 in our “6 Tips to Launch your mCommerce Business” series:

Interested in learning more? Download the full 4th Annual Mobile Mystery Shopping Study now!

Jan 27
 Monday Written By: Dave Campbell

Yesterday’s “6 Tips to Launch your mCommerce Business” tip told us that by offering consistent merchandise and promotional offers you will balance your eComm site and mobile app. Tip #3 focuses on how a customer searches for a product.

Check out some more best practices to improve the mobile experience and increase conversions in our 4th Annual Mobile Mystery Shopping Study.

Jan 22
 Wednesday Written By: Dave Campbell

In the last “6 Tips to Launch your mCommerce Business” post we talked about connecting to a store to deliver the cross-channel services customers demand. An overwhelming 76% of consumers access information about local stores on their smartphone. See below for Tip #2:

To learn more about the changing mobile landscape from the eyes of both consumers and retailers, download our 4th Annual Mobile Mystery Shopping Study.

Jan 16
 Thursday Written By: Dave Campbell

Recent research shows how major retailers improve their customers’ mobile shopping experience. In this first post of the “6 Tips to Launch Your mCommerce Business” blog series, we’ll share some data that can help your mobile conversions soar.  Check out the infographic below for the first tip:

To see more data like this, head on over and download our 4th Annual Mobile Mystery Shopping Study now!

Jan 09
 Thursday Written By: Ross Haskell

Successful retailers take a holistic view of the customer experience ensuring that service is seamless across different phases of the customer lifecycle regardless of the purchasing channel. Bringing the human touch to the mobile experience can be a real differentiator for mCommerce, especially if retailers take a proactive approach.

Click here to read the full story and for three proactive mobile chat considerations that companies need to account for.

(Image Source:  In case app by Incase(CC BY 2.0)

Dec 17
 Tuesday Written By: Ross Haskell

Consumers engage in mobile commerce, or mCommerce, all year long but it’s especially true this time of year.  One strategy employed by many leading retailers is the use of mobile live chat to incorporate the human touch into the mobile commerce experience.

Click here to read the full story and for some best practices for forward-looking retailers who want to boost next year’s holiday purchases.

(Image source: Best Gifts for Retailers by

Dec 03
 Tuesday Written By: Dave Campbell

Last month, we were excited to release the newest edition of BoldChat (v7.6). What makes this version so significant is that all of the enhancements are focused on helping you deliver better customer experiences.

According to a recent Forrester study, providing good customer experiences is the top priority for 40% of customer service organizations. But that’s not as easy as it once was.

In recent years, we’ve seen more and more channels become available. While these have made it easier for customers to engage with your business, it’s made delivering good customer service a challenge. That’s because as channels have expanded, technology has grown more complex. In fact, many organizations find switching between support channels to be a complicated and time-consuming process. That’s never good for customers.

To help alleviate these issues, we’ve integrated LogMeIn Rescue, our powerful and secure remote support solution, into the chat experience. Now when a problem is too complex to be resolved using live chat, you can seamlessly transition to remote support.

From an agent’s perspective, a Rescue support session can be easily initiated via the BoldChat client interface — no additional steps are necessary, so issues can be resolved quickly. From the customer’s perspective, the support session is facilitated directly through the chat window, providing a consistent experience in one channel. Check out this video to see it in action.

By integrating these two solutions, we’re enabling you to effortlessly initiate the on-demand support your customers need, helping improve rep efficiency and resolution speed. And that’s always great for customers.


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