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Jan 30
 Thursday Written By: Dave Campbell

Does your eCommerce and mobile site present a consistent experience for the shopper? Check out Tip #4 in our “6 Tips to Launch your mCommerce Business” series:

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Jan 27
 Monday Written By: Dave Campbell

Yesterday’s “6 Tips to Launch your mCommerce Business” tip told us that by offering consistent merchandise and promotional offers you will balance your eComm site and mobile app. Tip #3 focuses on how a customer searches for a product.

Check out some more best practices to improve the mobile experience and increase conversions in our 4th Annual Mobile Mystery Shopping Study.

Jan 22
 Wednesday Written By: Dave Campbell

In the last “6 Tips to Launch your mCommerce Business” post we talked about connecting to a store to deliver the cross-channel services customers demand. An overwhelming 76% of consumers access information about local stores on their smartphone. See below for Tip #2:

To learn more about the changing mobile landscape from the eyes of both consumers and retailers, download our 4th Annual Mobile Mystery Shopping Study.

Jan 16
 Thursday Written By: Dave Campbell

Recent research shows how major retailers improve their customers’ mobile shopping experience. In this first post of the “6 Tips to Launch Your mCommerce Business” blog series, we’ll share some data that can help your mobile conversions soar.  Check out the infographic below for the first tip:

To see more data like this, head on over and download our 4th Annual Mobile Mystery Shopping Study now!

Jan 09
 Thursday Written By: Ross Haskell

Successful retailers take a holistic view of the customer experience ensuring that service is seamless across different phases of the customer lifecycle regardless of the purchasing channel. Bringing the human touch to the mobile experience can be a real differentiator for mCommerce, especially if retailers take a proactive approach.

Click here to read the full story and for three proactive mobile chat considerations that companies need to account for.

(Image Source:  In case app by Incase(CC BY 2.0)

Dec 17
 Tuesday Written By: Ross Haskell

Consumers engage in mobile commerce, or mCommerce, all year long but it’s especially true this time of year.  One strategy employed by many leading retailers is the use of mobile live chat to incorporate the human touch into the mobile commerce experience.

Click here to read the full story and for some best practices for forward-looking retailers who want to boost next year’s holiday purchases.

(Image source: Best Gifts for Retailers by

Dec 03
 Tuesday Written By: Dave Campbell

Last month, we were excited to release the newest edition of BoldChat (v7.6). What makes this version so significant is that all of the enhancements are focused on helping you deliver better customer experiences.

According to a recent Forrester study, providing good customer experiences is the top priority for 40% of customer service organizations. But that’s not as easy as it once was.

In recent years, we’ve seen more and more channels become available. While these have made it easier for customers to engage with your business, it’s made delivering good customer service a challenge. That’s because as channels have expanded, technology has grown more complex. In fact, many organizations find switching between support channels to be a complicated and time-consuming process. That’s never good for customers.

To help alleviate these issues, we’ve integrated LogMeIn Rescue, our powerful and secure remote support solution, into the chat experience. Now when a problem is too complex to be resolved using live chat, you can seamlessly transition to remote support.

From an agent’s perspective, a Rescue support session can be easily initiated via the BoldChat client interface — no additional steps are necessary, so issues can be resolved quickly. From the customer’s perspective, the support session is facilitated directly through the chat window, providing a consistent experience in one channel. Check out this video to see it in action.

By integrating these two solutions, we’re enabling you to effortlessly initiate the on-demand support your customers need, helping improve rep efficiency and resolution speed. And that’s always great for customers.


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Nov 25
 Monday Written By: Ross Haskell

Online businesses have been preparing for this time of year for months now, and as the most hectic shopping days draw near, ecommerce sites will finally get a chance to put their most recent improvements to the ultimate test.  And, with shopping incentives starting as early as last month, those tests are happening much sooner than Black Friday and Cyber Monday – they’re happening right now.  But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to build competitive advantage.  Consider these last minute tips to help your business stand out this shopping season and beyond:

  • Be Ready For Mobile Visitors. Like tweens to a Bieber concert, mobile shoppers are here.  Google recently reported that 89% of shoppers plan to use the internet for holiday shopping this season and 79% of shoppers consider the internet the most useful resource for holiday shopping. There’s no time left to optimize your site for mobile if you haven’t already done so, but there’s still plenty of time for other measures.  Consider offering a different phone number for mobile shoppers so phone agents know they are talking to shoppers on the go.  If you have chat on your site, use mobile live chat invitations tailored for smaller screens and train chat agents to respond more briefly to mobile users.
  • Make Customer Service Agents Product Experts. Train agents across the contact center on the products and services you sell and support.  There is nothing more important when interacting with customers than expertise.
  • Create goodwill. Tis’ the season for spreading joy and happiness. Look for any opportunity to avoid customer frustration. Responding to customer needs immediately can mean the difference between a satisfied and frustrated customer. Minimize wait times across all channels.  Our own research shows that chats should be answered in less than 10 seconds, emails within one day, and social inquiries within 1 hour.

This season, consumers are looking to act fast. Engaging quickly with customers can not only earn a sale, but it might make someone a customer for life.

1Google 2013 Holiday Shopping Intentions study

Photo credit

Nov 15
 Friday Written By: Ross Haskell

We read the results of a couple interesting research projects recently and it got us thinking about an apparent dichotomy faced by every business the world over.  Our customers want what they want, when they want it, but are often nervous about giving us what we need in order to actually deliver against their desires.

One brand study, by Edelman,  found that 90% of people want companies to more effectively share their brands.  Depressingly, the same study showed that only 10% of people think any given brand does it well.

And it’s getting worse.  The viral outbreak that is mobile technology are changing the expectations of  all customers.  Another study on universal commerce offered this quote from a participant which highlights the multiplicity of customer wants: “I want mobile shopping apps to be easy, secure, and very transparent.  I want the user interface to be really simple.  I want one click to confirm purchase, and I want an electronic receipt in my text or inbox, instantaneously.”  That’s a lot of wants – 4 of them to be exact.

In order to deliver what customers want, when and how they want it, businesses need information from the customers they serve.  Unfortunately, the customers are often unwilling to share it.  In the same study from which the “wanting” customer is quoted above, participants were asked how much information they are willing to give up.  Here are a sample of the questions, and the percent of respondents agreeing:


-          “I’m willing to share interests/preferences to receive custom offers” – 23%

-          “I’m willing to share credit card info on a website for faster checkout” – 19%

-          I’m willing to let websites share info about usage to get relevant offers” – 12%

-          “Let a company track my location through my mobile phone for deals/discounts” – 10%


The bar is so high and  the gap is so wide one wonders if it’s even surmountable at all.  But there’s hope.

We have this same problem in our personal relationships as well; we intrinsically want more than we are willing to give. But we have figured out a tried and true way to overcome it.  We talk to each other.  Yes, in a world overrun with technology the solution is often the most non-technical thing of all – one-on-one communication.  But technology doesn’t have to be the enemy here either – it can facilitate communication, and often in ways not possible without technology.  From communication comes trust and from trust comes a relationship.

Think not about “how can we get this information from our customers?” Think instead, “how can I maximize the communication I have with customers?” Only then can you both get what you need. And what you want.


To see how BoldChat can facilitate more conversations with an increasingly mobile consumer, read more about our mobile live chat solutions.




Nov 12
 Tuesday Written By: Dave Campbell

As we announced earlier this month, the new release of BoldChat (v7.6) is all about helping you connect with customers in the right way, at the right time. A key aspect of that is making sure you deliver the best mobile experience possible.

Over the last few years, we’ve all seen a tremendous shift in the way people shop, connect and engage with brands. As smartphone and mobile device usage continues to grow – mobile web browsing has doubled since 2009 – these channels have created both new opportunities and challenges for today’s businesses. And, it’s only going to increase.

According to Mary Meeker’s recent State of the Internet report, it’s predicted that mobile web usage will surpass desktop web usage by 2015. What’s more, eMarketer predicts that 16% of all U.S. online sales this upcoming holiday season will come from mobile shoppers. That makes sense when 79% of smartphone owners use their devices for shopping-related activities.

With more consumers going mobile than ever before, businesses can’t afford a bad mobile experience. In fact, according to an online study, 52% of consumers said a bad mobile experience would make them less likely to engage with a brand. That’s why creating a superior mobile chat experience has been one of our top priorities. So then you can engage mobile customers more efficiently and effectively, helping drive conversions and satisfaction. And that’s always better for your bottom line.

Our latest edition includes all-new proactive mobile chat invitations, now fully optimized for mobile screens, allowing customer service agents to aid mobile shoppers more effectively. New mobile-aware windows ensure proper sizing, even when a device is rotated, helping ensure the conversation is easy and effortless for consumers no matter where they are.

The end result is to help your business deliver better mobile engagements for better customer experiences. In today’s rapidly-growing mobile world, that’s more important ever.

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