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Nov 01
 Friday Written By: Ross Haskell

BoldChat Mobile Live Chat

Whether a customer is looking for a specific answer to a product-related question, or needs support for a technical issue, they want a good experience. Having the right tools at your fingertips can help make that possible.

With that in mind, we’re happy to announce that the latest release of BoldChat (v7.6) offers even more ways to help your business connect with customers in the right way, at the right time.

All-new mobile chat invitations & mobile-aware windows
With an estimated 30% of all web traffic coming from smartphones and tablets, it’s more important than ever to deliver a great mobile experience. That’s why we’ve optimized our proactive mobile chat invitations for today’s mobile devices, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. New capabilities allow site owners to:

• Display images and form-based proactive mobile chat invitations with no custom HTML coding required

• Easily customize proactive mobile chat invitations to meet the needs of a customer’s mobile website strategies and unique branding requirements

• Establish granular invitation rules unique to mobile and/or desktop and laptop users

Enhanced integration with LogMeIn Rescue
Live chat can be a fast, effective way to resolve a simple issue. But if the problem is more complex, switching support channels can be a complicated and time-consuming process. By integrating Rescue into the chat experience, BoldChat lets technicians initiate an on-demand remote support session that is entirely seamless to the website visitor.

Advanced email management
With our advanced email management features, you can respond more effectively and efficiently than before. Access a customer’s full email history to deliver more informed responses, and ensure the right agent sees the right messages with advanced rule-based email routing.

Localized web reports
To better serve our international customers, you can now view web-based reports in one of 7 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese.


This new release of BoldChat is all about giving you’re the features to help improve engagement and customer satisfaction. Keep an eye out for other posts detailing these new enhancements.

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Oct 28
 Monday Written By: Ross Haskell

Abandoned Shopping Carts

A new research report based on a survey of over 1,000 US-based online shoppers looks deeply at consumer behavior related to shopping cart abandonment.  We’re big fans of research and consumed this document eagerly.  We all come to data interpretation with our own set of filters so we encourage you to download the report and read it for yourself.  That said, our set of “live-chat-focused-goggles” made three things stick out.

To do this stuff right, you need to approach it like a science.
The report highlights a seeming imbalance between consumers expectations of after-abandonment communication timing and known best practices that drive results.  This fact, combined with the reality that cart abandonment rates range from 70-80% might cause businesses to simply despair. But the report points out that the seeming disparity is “…fertile ground for testing. “  We agree.  Live chat is similar in that to do it right, it constantly must be tested – especially proactive live chat.  And speaking of proactive chat…

As with any science, there is controversy.
We are constantly asked if the practice of inviting someone into a chat conversation (proactive chat) annoys visitors.  This new cart abandonment report tackles the same annoyance question – but related to post-cart email messaging.  74% of consumers are open to receiving them, squashing the myth of annoyance.   Our research is amazingly similar – we find that 2/3rds of the shopping population is open to being proactively invited into a chat.  Despite both reports  however, the debates are likely to continue.

As with any science, something new always comes along to muck things up.
Just when scientists get close to cracking the code, more often than not, something pops up to throw a wrench in the system.  That thing in eCommerce? Mobile.  Mobile is changing everything for all of us.  The cart abandonment report stated that, “Being the most connected, nearly two-thirds of Frequent Shoppers (64%) own a smartphone and over half (54%) own a tablet.”  A frequent shopper was defined in the report as a shopper making online purchases daily or weekly.  That these high-value consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices is a game changer across industries and technologies.  BoldChat recently released some new mobile live chat features with the intent to make customers more successful in reaching the mobile shopper.


Jul 10
 Wednesday Written By: Dave Campbell

Every chance you have to interact with your customers is an opportunity. Whether it’s an opportunity for a sale, to strengthen your brand, or to improve customer satisfaction, each engagement is important. A few weeks ago, we touched on Five Points to Consider for Live Chat, with point number five raising the question:

What is the cost of not having live chat on your website?

Today we consider some of the costs. Let’s take a look.

  1. One-to-One? No, One-to-Many
    If chat is one thing, it is efficient. Unlike a phone call, a chat agent can take on multiple interactions at once, with ease. This gain in efficiency helps allow for more engagements to take place with the resources you have available.
  2. Conversion Control
    Whether you’re looking for more completed transactions or simply creating more interactions, every site has a conversion funnel. Trying to keep your site visitors in this funnel can be difficult and many find it difficult to stop shopping cart abandonment and premature site exits. Chat is a great way to engage with your traffic and to help them make their way through your site’s funnel, preventing lost sales and helping visitors find the information they’re looking for.
  3. Customer Experience
    The experience a visitor has on your site is key to their satisfaction. If this experience is less than ideal, it can lead to lower customer satisfaction scores, which can impact your brand. By providing live chat, you give your visitors an additional way to get in contact with you, leading to quicker resolutions and the feeling that you can provide assistance to them in real-time.
  4. Competitive Differentiation
    What are your competitors doing? If they don’t offer live chat, it gives you the advantage of being able to provide a better experience than your competition and see results more quickly.

By providing live chat, you have the power to control more of what happens on your website. If you are interested in learning about what the cost of not having live chat is for your website, please reach out to the BoldChat team to find out more.

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Jul 03
 Wednesday Written By: admin

BoldChat is installed on thousands of websites all over the world, but for us, it’s still interesting to hear a use-case for BoldChat that is in an unexpected vertical. Today’s blog post is a guest post by Dallas attorney Michael Grossman.

The foundation of any good law firm is a team of lawyers who passionately advocate for their clients’ rights. However, just like any business, you need more than good intentions to succeed; you need innovative business strategies. At first, hearing the terms “law firm” and “business strategies” in the same sentence may seem somewhat counterintuitive. But in reality, the legal industry is precisely that: an industry. And just like every other business in every other industry, our firm faces significant competition which prompts us to cultivate news means of generating the cases that keep us at the forefront.

Dispensing legal advice (our stock and trade) in a general and indiscriminate fashion online is none too wise for ethical and liability reasons. You truly need to get feedback from a client to communicate the best strategy for their particular needs. Yet, most lawyers recognize that many prospective clients are not certain enough of their own rights, or they’re simply scared of the repercussions, to actively seek out advice via telephone. BoldChat has allowed us to bridge the gap and offer legal advice in real-time, while still offering the anonymity that a prospective client needs until we’ve built a rapport with them.

Here’s an example of how it works:

  • A dock worker is injured by an 18-wheeler. He searches for information related to his dilemma and he makes his way to our site.
  • He finds information on our site about filing a workers’ compensation claim but also about filing liability claims against a commercial vehicle operator. But which information is relevant to him?
  • He spots the chat option on our site and in seconds he’s getting advice from a licensed Dallas truck accident attorney.
  • We explain that he certainly has the right to file a work injury claim, yet since the 18-wheeler was operated by a third party, our best recommendation is to direct his claim toward that party, thereby allowing him to avoid souring the relationship he’s built with his employer.

Simply trying to communicate such a specific strategy in our web copy would be impossible; there are too many variables. Asking a prospective client to pick up the phone and call a lawyer when the client is worried that his employer may find out and retaliate (a common concern) is asking too much. Again, BoldChat bridges the gap and provides our clients with a solution that meets their needs.

Furthermore, we use BoldChat on our office computers as well as the iPhone app, meaning that our clients can chat with us nearly 24 hours a day. Using BoldChat to make ourselves available when, and in ways that other attorneys are not, has resulted in our firm being hired in several very important cases that we otherwise would have not obtained. Without BoldChat, those clients would have seen us as yet another unavailable law firm. With BoldChat, we’ve gained a legitimate advantage over our competitors.

Dallas personal injury attorney Michael Grossman
Grossman Law Offices, P.C.



Jun 25
 Tuesday Written By: admin

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication." -Leonado da Vinci

When researching live chat, some vendors may tell you that a successful Enterprise implementation, with many business rules and departments, will take 60 – 90 days to be successfully rolled out. Having a rapid deployment of live chat can be a significant competitive advantage. Traditional channels like email and phone, may cost up to 3 times more than the cost per chat.

Today, businesses see a need to provide instant gratification for service or risk losing customers. With this in mind, it is crucial to quickly roll out a live chat solution and then focus on fine tuning business rules such as routing, effective proactive invitations, and measuring customer satisfaction. This process of rolling out and then fine tuning allows for the changes that are necessary in a business climate that constantly changes. With live chat, as with many other business tools, there is no perfect roll-out. It is a continuing effort to keep making changes, as needs change.

IT departments and web developers love BoldChat because of the simplicity. Initial implementation is as easy as clicking a button to copy the HTML code, and then pasting it onto a website. Updates to distribution rules, chat window and invitation designs, and proactive rule logic can be done within a matter of seconds within the BoldChat interface. The changes will apply in real-time.

For most companies, updates made after the initial implementation don’t require going back through an IT department. For example, if you want to do A/B testing of your proactive invitations, the process is simple and it’s built into the product.

That simplicity wouldn’t work without the ability to report on the findings and then take action. BoldChat’s robust reporting engine provides you with the proper data to make intelligent business decisions by determining return on investment and areas for cost reduction measures. Reports are available for all channels managed through BoldChat, including live chat, e-mail, click-to-call, Twitter and even SMS text.

BoldChat’s solution is quick to implement and scales up quickly without sacrificing quality. This scalability is how the solution has been implemented at many sites in less than 30 days, and for some, within a week. So how is an implementation possible within a week? It comes down to 2 main factors:

  1. Dynamic, secure code that’s easy to implement.
  2. Supportive Professional Services team (when needed) who are focused on customer success.

If you’re reading this post and want to learn more on how to have a rapid and successful deployment of live chat whether you have 2 agents or 100 agents, contact one of our chat specialists. We’ll be happy to discuss working together for a successful live chat implementation to meet your needs.


Jun 10
 Monday Written By: Dave Campbell

Live chat usage continues to grow year after year by companies across all verticals across the globe. The effectiveness of this real-time communication channel makes it a smart choice for businesses while providing an engaging experience to web visitors. If your company doesn’t offer live chat today and is looking to expand into this medium, you may not know where to start.

Here are five points that we recommend considering when building your live chat business plan:

  1. Who is your target audience? – Depending on your business, you may decide to target your web traffic for sales-related chats or use chat as a support tool.  You may even decide to do both. Knowing who you want to chat with and what the conversations will be based on will help establish goals.
  2. What are your goals? – From increasing average order values and lead acquisition rates through sales chats or increasing the utilization of agents handling multiple engagements, there are a variety of reasons to consider.
  3. Who is going to be answering chat? – Whether you have army of one or a call center of many, who staffs your chats is one of the most critical pieces to ensure a positive chat experience for your site visitors.
  4. Where are you going to place chat? – Visibility of chat on your site is key to its success. Keeping your goals in mind, you will want to consider how you use chat in areas such as the shopping cart or support pages and where chat button placement works best.
  5. What is the cost of not doing chat? – From missed revenue opportunities to being a competitive differentiator, there is a hidden cost of not providing chat on your site that may be greater than you think.

As you start to build your live chat business plan, we hope these considerations give you the necessary guidance to begin taking action. If you have questions as you begin, the BoldChat team would be happy to help. Call us at 866-753-9933 or email us.

May 30
 Thursday Written By: admin

If you’ll be at IRCE in Chicago next week, it’s not too late to register for our annual Appreciation Event. This year, it will be a night of nostalgia and networking. Join the party at the Emporium Arcade Bar on Tuesday, June 4. You can challenge the BoldChat team to more than 40 classic arcade games like Q*Bert, Pac-Man and Centipede. Plus, bring your appetite, we’ll have world-famous Giordano’s pizza waiting for you. Should we also mention the 26 beers and the extensive liquor offering at the Emporium? You get the picture! Now get registered!

Transportation from McCormick Place will be provided, as well as return trips to nearby hotels. We hope to see you there.


Feb 21
 Thursday Written By: admin

There’s no arguing that customer service is critical in the online world and more and more often, having a multi-channel base to assist customers is the way to go. Live chat is an important piece of the multi-channel puzzle that can help you boost sales conversions. Watch for these upcoming webinars to learn more.

First, to work on improving engagement with a multi-channel strategy, register for this LogMeIn/AberdeenGroup webinar, with Sumair Dutta, Vice President and Principal Analyst for the Aberdeen Group and Ross Haskell, Director of Chat Products for LogMeIn. The free webinar will be presented from 2:00-3:00 p.m. Eastern US time on Wednesday, March 6, 2013. You’ll learn about trends in customer preferences, what you can do to establish a competitive differentiator, tips for driving the multi-channel strategy and more.

A good multi-channel strategy includes an effective live chat implementation. On Thursday, March 7, BoldChat and the e-tailing group will present a webinar all about boosting conversions with live chat. Find out how to maximize its effectiveness and turn prospects into buyers. This webinar delves into the research on Live Chat Effectiveness (now in its 5th year) to help you gain a better understanding of how Internet shoppers think. (A second webinar on Live Chat Effectiveness will also be held on March 27, watch this space for details when available.)

We hope you can make it.

Jan 08
 Tuesday Written By: Dave Campbell

You may have read last month that Best Buy chose to ditch email support in favor of live chat. A brave move and, according to the article (on the STELLAService blog), it’s part of a strategy to overcome customer service problems that plagued the electronics retailer in the past.

So, as a live chat company we should be completely on board with a decision of this kind, right? Not necessarily. There are many factors at play that determine whether or not this would be a good idea. Consider the following.

What is your website visitors preferred way to contact you? It’s important to note  a large percentage of consumers still choose email as their preferred method of contacting customer service. (Even if etailers aren’t particularly good at answering them.) Find out how your visitors want to contact you and then do it! And maybe add live chat as a compliment to email.

Do you have an email problem? For this instance, an email problem would mean a backlog of emails making it impossible to answer customer support inquiries in 24 hours or less. If so, removing it as a channel of communication only promises to transfer the problem to another channel – a channel that may require a more immediate response. In this scenario, the best way to solve an email problem is to manage email, not to ditch it altogether. When our customer, Vornado, mentioned delaying a case study with us because they needed to catch up on emails, we wouldn’t have dreamed of recommending that they get rid of email, but we did ask them to try out our email management tool.

Are you willing to commit resources to it? Simply adding live chat isn’t enough. Committing necessary resources to build the right tools and create an effective live chat implementation is imperative. There’s no shortage of live chat providers. You wouldn’t search for a phone system by finding out who was cheapest and you shouldn’t search for live chat that way either. Consider using a buyer’s guide or making a list of all the features you want. Make sure you find all the features you need, and then don’t buy on features alone. Honestly, there’s not much product differentiation among reputable live chat providers. Consider things like how the features are provided, the support, the focus on research within the chat industry and the value you get for the money. These things may cost a little more, but live chat is not a commodity. It’s a service.

Are you chat operators empowered? There’s no reason to offer live chat if you’re not going to give your agents the power to help customers. Nothing is more frustrating than having a company make chat available for a specific problem only to be told that the agent can’t help you with your problem. Or having a chat available after a tedious login, only to be told that the agent can’t access your account. Be sure your agents are empowered to actually solve problems for customers.

All of these points have one thing in common, they illustrate that when it comes to live chat, do your research, choose wisely, and listen to your customers. What communication channels do you make available on your website, and why?

Nov 28
 Wednesday Written By: admin

In the US, people have begun the practice of writing daily during the month of November about something that they are thankful for – Thirty Days of Thanks, as it’s called. I’m not sure where it started, but I see it all over the place, in blogs, on Facebook, on Twitter and it can be a good practice. Of course, we have a day set aside a day on the fourth Thursday in November to give thanks and gather with friends and family, and we were glad to be home with ours, but it’s nice to truly acknowledge that we have a lot to be thankful for each and every day, not just one day of the year.

Being thankful in business is a good practice too, but I thought 30 days of thankfulness on a business blog was a bit much! Nevertheless, at BoldChat, we do have much to be thankful for. We’re thankful every day for the customers all over the world who give us the honor of serving them. This year, we’ve been especially happy to be part of LogMeIn (since January) and thankful that the transition has been amazingly headache free.

But November brought even one more reason to be thankful – BoldChat is an award recipient in the 2012 MarCom Awards competition. The MarCom Awards is an international creative competition that recognizes outstanding achievement by marketing and communication professionals and is administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. BoldChat won platinum awards, the highest honor, in three categories: Research Study, for the 2012 Live Chat Effectiveness Study; Business-to-Business Websites, for the site among other B2B sites; and in Website Design for the BoldChat website as a whole. We received an additional gold award for the design of the home page of the BoldChat site.

What has your business been thankful for in 2012?

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