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Nov 15
 Thursday Written By: admin

Great news! We’ve recently released enhancements to BoldChat with the release of version 7.3. The include improvements to both the BoldChat web-based interface and the downloadable PC Client.

The BoldChat Web Client, as we call it, allows BoldChat customers to login and take chats from any computer with an Internet connection. (Yes, even a Mac.) It’s not a replication of the original .NET client, but it is a great alternative for users with chat agents on computers that are not PC compatible. It’s been around for awhile and we’ve been gradually adding features to improve the functionality. If you’re a BoldChat customer and have never tried it, or if it has simply been awhile – give it a shot, login to your BoldChat account here. And, as always, if you have questions, simply click the “Chat Live Now” link on the HomeTab, in the upper right side.

These are only the most recent enhancements to the BoldChat Web Client:

  • Search Canned Messages functionality
  • Row Formatting Rules – Give yourself visual cues on chats depending on their status. For example, turn an entire row a yellow when a chat is unanswered.
  • Salesforce – The same functionality that’s been available in our PC client is now available in the web-based client. Agents can push BoldChat data into any type of Salesforce object.
  • Real-Time Spell Checking in 17 Languages
  • Email Chat Transcript - Visitors will often request that you send them a copy of the chat transcript, and while the visitor can do this themselves from the chat window itself, agents can also do it with the “Email this chat” button.
  • Pre & Post Chat Field View + View My Inactive – Using the Column Chooser, you can now add data captured in the pre-chat and post-chat fields to the data grid. Select the “my inactive chats” in the grid and you can get an at-a-glance view of how chatters are rating their experience with you.
  • Chat Assignment Tracking – In practice, chats are often escalated to another agent, transferred to another department, or auto-reassigned based on queuing rules. With the “Assignment History” button you can see the complete assignment history of a chat.

Version 7.3 adds several exciting features to the PC-based client too. If you’re a BoldChat user, expect enhancements that will add functionality to your chat search capability, allowing broader searching across pre-chat and post-chat fields. A new permissions section has been added that controls which operator names and department names appear and are selectable in certain areas. Chat assignment tracking, like in the web client, allows you to see the complete assignment history of a chat and a “Show My Inactive Chats” is now available in the grid drop down.

In BoldChat for Twitter Management, some changes were made to comply with Twitter’s new display requirements. Now, in BoldChat’s Twitter tool, clicking a hashtag will open the search sandbox and create a new search. The Twitter user avatar, name and @username references all link to open the user’s Twitter profile. Tweet timestamps are linked to a Tweet permalink. The “View in Browser” button icon (within a tweet) changed to display a standard Twitter logo icon.

These new features and enhancements are available immediately. To update to version 7.30 of BoldChat, go to Help > Check for Updates, this will open a browser window that tells you if it is time to update. (Or, simply go to our Downloads page and download the most current version.) Updates in the web client are available simply by logging in to the BoldChat web client.

Oct 11
 Thursday Written By: admin

Thanks to Jennifer Cline at Core3 Solutions for today’s guest post. When she’s not busy writing blog posts, chatting with customers, managing social media, or assisting in the marketing department at Core 3, Jennifer is a journalism student at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. We think she’s going places! Please enjoy her take on why BoldChat is the right choice at Core 3 Solutions and Quotegine.

Working at a technology agency, my coworkers and I are always researching the latest digital trends that can make Internet use easier for us and our clients. So, when we stumbled upon BoldChat, we decided to give it a try. We questioned if BoldChat would outperform the chat system that we were using for our two websites, Core3 Solutions and Quotegine, but we decided that the free trial was worth a shot.

At both of our companies, we pride ourselves on having great customer service. So, we were looking for a service that not only increased our customer service skills, but one that had the same passion for helping customers. We found that and more with BoldChat, so we have since started paying for its services. When a company begins using new software, there’s a certain learning curve involved. But we’re pleased that the BoldChat gang has been accessible anytime we have questions. We now utilize BoldChat for both companies on a daily basis and we’ve found that it’s an invaluable addition to the websites.

Here are just a few things that BoldChat’s system has done to make our business a happier place:

Multitasking at Ease
We are busy people with long to-do lists and not enough time in the day. While some companies can employ people for single duty of helping customers, around here we must multitask and perform our daily duties while operating the live chat. BoldChat is great for this. While we’re working on other tasks, BoldChat is always hanging out in the background. Both of our websites can be plugged into the same system, so it’s easy to manage. If a client utilizes the chat feature, we get a pop-up window and a sound to notify us. Additionally, the typing notification allows everyone in the chat to know when the other person is typing. So clients see when we’re working on a response for them.

One of our favorite features is idle detection. BoldChat knows when computers have gone idle. Chat managers can set the service to go offline if the computer has been idle for a particular amount of time. This is great for busy bodies who simply forget that their chat service is operating underneath their busy desktop. If you walk away from the computer, the chat system goes offline until you let it know you have returned.

A Better Understanding of our Customers
Understanding the behavior of website visitors can give us an improved understanding of how we can better serve them. Even if a visitor never initiates a chat, BoldChat can track and log a variety of analytics. Data can be seen in real time and is stored to create monthly reports. Some of the awesome things that BoldChat can track include: return customer vs. new, time on site, location of visitor and origin of visitors.

Every business has its own way of tracking things. Two of our favorite tracking systems are Google Analytics and Salesforce. We love that BoldChat embraces the usefulness of these systems, allowing customers to integrate the chat software into both. This makes tracking even easier! Combining BoldChat with Google Analytics and Salesforce gives us a real understanding of how well our websites are operating. If a customer stays on a certain page for a long time, we evaluate if it’s hard for them to utilize. When customers return frequently after entering on a particular page, we see that the page is effective. BoldChat can indicate which chat operators get the most conversions. This allows us to configure ways to improve conversion rates for less efficient operators. BoldChat’s analytics provide insights that help us to make improvements to our products and customer service practices.

Completely Customizable
With both of our companies, we let our personality shine in the online presence. It’s important that a company’s online representation is consistent. We love that there are so many customizable elements to BoldChat’s system. Because BoldChat windows are HTML-based, managers can create chat boxes that completely meet the brand’s personality. For people looking for a simpler approach, BoldChat offers hundreds of designs for chat buttons and windows that are ready to use. The color, size and font of text can also be changed to further complement the chat.

One way that BoldChat saves us time is with the canned messages feature. Chat managers can create answers to commonly asked questions. Then, agents can quickly deploy those responses to chatters when necessary. These canned messages can be completely customized to include any text, links, images required to provide a full answer to our clients. And to further ease the chatting process, BoldChat offers adaptive messaging, which will proactively identify appropriate canned messages based on the progression of the chat. BoldChat’s custom features allow us to add our personality to our chats and save us time in the process.

Constant Improvements
To remain competitive in our fast-paced, digital world, it’s imperative that companies constantly evolve to meet the needs of customers. In order to do that, businesses must tune in to what customers are saying. BoldChat is great at both of these things; just check out their Twitter or Facebook feed or blog comments. They proactively monitor and respond to customer comments. If a problem is mentioned, BoldChat’s team immediately gets to work to fix it. If a customer makes a suggestion for a tutorial, new feature or improvement, BoldChat notifies the appropriate team members and works to implement the suggestion. Nowadays, it’s not enough to simply create a great product. That product must grow with its customer base and embrace changes happening in the digital world.

There are countless chat services out there. They each offer a unique system for your company’s customer service. BoldChat has worked wonderfully for our companies and we couldn’t be happier.

Oct 05
 Friday Written By: admin

Yesterday’s post and video related some of the success that the Orlando Magic has had with their live chat implementation, but if you’re still shopping around for a provider, you may be wondering, “But WHY did you pick BoldChat?”

We love metrics as much as the next person, but sometimes the answers are simple. For Dan Savage, the Orlando Magic’s web manager, the decision boiled down to a few easy things:

  • BoldChat is easy to use & implement. Have a content management system? No problem! So do they.
  • It allows you to be interactive
  • It’s an incredible value

He explains it much better in just a minute and 22 seconds:

Oct 04
 Thursday Written By: admin

Having the opportunity to talk to customers from a multitude of different type of companies is a fun perk of working on LogMeIn’s BoldChat product team. Here at BoldChat, you could talk to a promotional products company, a consulting firm, a diamond seller, a large equipment manufacturer or the manager of the website for a sports team — all in a day’s work.

What these businesses all have in common is they know that live chat works. When we talked to Joe Andrade, the senior director of ticket sales for the Orlando Magic, he shared information about the percentage of website visitors who buy after chatting with them (it’s more than you think), which big ticket items they’re buying, and why their sales reps like BoldChat!

But you don’t have to take our word for it, let him tell you all about it:

Stayed tuned tomorrow when the Magic’s web manager, Dan Savage, answers the ever-important question: Why Did You Select BoldChat as Your Live Chat Provider?

Sep 18
 Tuesday Written By: admin
Proactive Chat Infographic

Click to enlarge

Proactive Chat, or the practice of inviting your website visitors to interact with you via chat, rather than waiting for them to act on the chat button themselves, isn’t a new practice, but some websites still shy away from it. But statistically, proactive chatters are six times as likely to buy than an average website visitor – SIX times!

Many liken a poorly done proactive invitation to the overeager retail sales clerk who immediately bombards you with “May I help you?” as soon as you enter the store.

But if that’s not the approach, how do you do it? What are the rules when it comes to inviting website visitors to chat? The truth is, there are no tried and true rules. Every website is different. Some don’t proactively chat at all, others seem to have a knack for it! But there are a few best practices that stand out:




  1. Manual or Automatic? Within the realm of proactive chat there are choices to make. Manual or automatic is the first. For smaller websites with less traffic, sending invitations manually has several advantages, including the ability to track progress in real-time and make immediate changes based on that feedback. Websites with larger number of visitors generally benefit from the use of rules that will automatically send invitations to chat based on predefined website visitor behavior.
  2. Timing – find the sweet spot for timing the invitation. You may benefit from a simple time on site invitation, or as mentioned above, you may need a combination of time plus visitor behavior, such as number of page views or previous site visits. Consider what you already know about the page that you’re placing the invitation on. Do visitors spend more time here or do they bounce away? Is this a natural area, such as a shopping cart page, where the visitor might have questions?
  3. Don’t over-invite – In our study on Live Chat Effectiveness, receiving multiple invitations to chat on a single visit was one reason that consumers gave us that they’d left a website. Be sure to do your own testing and make sure the timing between invitations make sense. We do have customers who send multiple invitations during one visit, we wouldn’t go as far as saying that doing so is wrong, but it does require knowing your visitors and having a goal in mind for the proactive chat. If you’re inviting multiple times, do so with careful consideration of your audience.
  4. Accept or decline – One of the things consumers love about chat is the feeling of control, that the experience is on their terms. Consider a chat invitation that has an option to accept or decline the invitation. No one wants to feel obligated to chat!
  5. Don’t interrupt the shopping experience – Don’t use features that defeat the benefits of live chat. Another finding from Live Chat Effectiveness was that invitation behavior that “takes over the page” or otherwise interrupts their shopping experience is bad. So, an invitation that comes up, gets their attention and allows them to continue their business? Fine! But an invitation that forces them to click something before they can proceed and even greys out the page? We don’t recommend it.
  6. Testing, testing, testing! As a best practice, we tell our customers that there is no place more important for testing than proactive invitations. With tools like BoldChat, you can even accomplish split-testing and reporting on your invitations right inside the interface. Be sure your chat tool allows you the flexibility to make changes to your implementation in real-time.

Sep 06
 Thursday Written By: admin

That may be the longest blog post title we’ve ever had here on the BoldBlog, but it’s the truth. I read a blog post today from a small business owner titled, “How to Run Customer Service for a Small Shop and Why Live Chat is a Bad Idea.”

Hold the phone. Back that truck up. Did he say live chat was a bad idea for small business owners?

Who is the Live Chat Fan?

I read the article and immediately reached out to him on Twitter, with a series of three tweets. (One hundred forty characters is so hard when you’re passionate about something!)  He responded, kindly disagreeing and holding firm. His position in the blog post is that live chat should be avoided by small business owners for two reasons:

  1. Someone has to be behind a computer at all times lest you appear understaffed, and
  2. You could easily forget that you have it activated, walk away and then no one answers the chats.

The answer, which was so very difficult to give in 140 characters, is that these problems can be fixed in two steps.

  1. Deploy a chat button that simply disappears when you are offline. Or alternately, deploy a chat button that is replaced with an “email us” button when you are offline.
  2. If you’re likely to forget you’re online and walk away, your chat implementation should have a setting that allows you to go offline if your computer is idle. (With BoldChat you can set the time in minutes that you’d like to go inactive after.) And when you go offline, rule #1 that your chat button disappears or turns into something else goes into effect.

These are both features that reputable live chat services should have, even at the lowest price points. So, if the live chat service you’re using isn’t able to do this, now is a good time to go shopping for live chat.

Sure, those are reasons to fix the problems he mentioned, but why have live chat in the first place? Business owners have to decide if having live chat on their website makes sense for themselves. But if your site has enough traffic to justify it, not having live chat can actually be detrimental.


What if we told you that 1 in 5 website shoppers prefers live chat over all other communication methods? That’s where the math comes in. If you’re counting, that’s 20% of website shoppers who would rather chat with you than call you or email you. And that 20% (we call them Live Chat Fans) are appealing shoppers. They’re more likely to be college-educated and they are 43% more likely to have spent $2,000  or more in a single transaction. They’re so appealing, we did a study to find out who they are.

We’ll leave the, “How to Run Customer Service for a Small Shop” part to Steve C. but the second part? Let’s make that “and Why Doing Live Chat Wrong is a Bad Idea.”

Sep 06
 Thursday Written By: admin

At BoldChat we follow online searches for our brand’s name and for terms like “live chat software.” Google is a handy tool for this. These terms come up on Twitter all the time too. At some point, I noticed the great number of people calling out either their love of, or their disdain for a live chat experience. So much that I started a folder on my desktop that I named, “Live Chat Fail,” and another, “Live Chat Win” with the intent of screen capturing these nuggets and revisiting their mistakes (or celebrating their win) with an occasional blog post — in fact, I still plan on doing that. But more recently, I started to notice a trend, the great number of people complaining that chatting with customer service was like talking to a robot. Case in point:

There are countless other examples, but you get the point. One culprit of this less than par experience? A feature present in most live chat providers – canned messaging.  At BoldChat, we also boast a canned messaging tool. In some of our  editions it’s even an “intelligent” feature that suggests messaging based on the current chat conversation. The point is, the feature is not to blame, the problem with these robotic responses is the approach. Canned messaging, whether it is for chat, as in the above example, or for a response in Twitter, should be used as a tool to get the job done, not a crutch to move you task to task. In the BoldChat UI, canned messages can be inserted, and then edited, shortened or expanded upon. The best practice around canned messaging is to use them to cut your response time, but before hitting send, be sure your message is relevant and makes sense considering the context of the conversation.

Nowhere is the ability to personalize each and every message more apparent than in social media. Social consumers tend to have an expectation for human interaction. Just a few short weeks ago, Progressive, the insurance company known for their amiable agent, Flo, came under fire when a family member of one of their insured criticized them via a blog post which then went viral, leading to hundreds, if not thousands of angry tweets. The company responded via Twitter, which at first seemed genuine, unless you took at look at their page, which looked something like this:

progressive screen shot

So, the lesson to take away here is not only about the way that Progressive handled such as emotional issue, but also in how they responded to the countless people who communicated to them.

If there’s a message that you are constantly sending, step back and take a look. Are you doing the robot?


Jul 25
 Wednesday Written By: admin

Today begins the beta testing phase of a new tool that can help manage Twitter for your business. BoldChat, with an integrated Twitter management tool, is available now! To become a beta tester, first, signup here. You’ll be directed to create a BoldChat account and download a new beta edition of BoldChat (or to login if you have a current account). Then, be sure to follow our @BoldBeta account on Twitter. Participation in the beta test is free and is slotted to last for 30 days. Each time you send us a suggestion or feedback via Twitter (tweet or DM), you’ll be entered in our drawing to win a new iPad.*


What Can You Expect During the BoldBeta?

  1. Full Functionality of BoldChat. The beta test will include a fully functional trial of our product, so all features of BoldChat will be available for use. We encourage you to use other features too. We don’t know yet what product edition the final Twitter functionality will be in.
  2. Some Bugs. The purpose of the Beta is to get feedback from BoldChat users. The product is usable right now, but not finalized, so there will be bugs. Why release a product with bugs? Releasing it to you at this point allows us to incorporate user suggestions in the final incarnation of the product.
  3. Some Missing Features. It may not have all the features you want – yet. Let us know what you think is missing! (And each time you do, you’ll be entered in our contest.) We can’t guarantee all suggestions will be incorporated, but we’d like to know how you’re using Twitter and what you want in a Twitter management solution.
  4. Lots of Support. When you experience issues, we want to hear from you. Send us a tweet or DM with simple feedback. Some issues will be escalated to email or phone support when necessary.

Here’s a quick video to guide you through getting started! But, don’t forget to follow @BoldBeta and download the software here!

*You can send as many suggestions as you like during the Beta test, each will count as a separate entry for the iPad, but to be entered into the drawing they need to contain constructive suggestions or quality feedback.


Jul 25
 Wednesday Written By: admin

By now, we’ve all seen customer service go bad via social media. Customers (myself included) are impatient. It’s not uncommon for a consumer to go through all available channels of communication and, by now frustrated, turn to the world of social media – Twitter, in particular.

Twitter Video Image

What this means in today’s world is that brands should be managing their online presence via Twitter – not just broadcasting. It seems only natural that an integrated communications solution is the way to go, but how do you cut through all of the clutter? BoldChat’s managed Twitter solution (which releases in Beta later today) can help by setting up a workflow for Twitter. To find out more about the Twitter integration, check out this 6-minute demonstration. You might also want to take a look at a webinar we presented with Website Magazine, 5 Ways to Immediately Engage Website Visitors. The Twitter integration is covered in that presentation as well!

We’ll be managing the beta program by monitoring Tweets that come in on @BoldBeta, so if you’re planning on participating, follow us there!

Jul 19
 Thursday Written By: admin

We’ve been publishing data about live chat for a number of years. We know that there are individuals from some brands who download every piece of research that we put out. Although some don’t use our services, this tells us that we are regarded as a leader in live chat and an industry expert. We’re proud of the work we do in live chat research and we’ll take that compliment!

Brad Einarsen, of Klick Health (who is not affiliated with BoldChat as a customer or partner of any kind) recently published a blog post on the use of live chat within Pharma companies. Brad points out,

“Normally I would be pretty skeptical of white papers from a SaaS vendor, will they really report on all data? or will they cherry-pick to make the data say what they want? Reading the methodology in the white paper I do have to give them credit, they are on their game and the level of disclosure in this section does give me a comfort level with their data.”

Thanks, Brad!

He has a great point. Consumers and businesses alike are right to question sources when researching a product or service. The Internet gives us access to a great number of white papers, research reports, product reviews and much more.  If looking at a product review, is it a paid opportunity or is it from an unbiased third party? If it’s paid, it may (or may not) be a fair comparison of the reviewed products and services, but it is almost definitely not a comprehensive review of comparable products or services in the spectrum. White papers and research reports, while well-written, can present similar problems. Where does the data come from? How large was the sample?

At BoldChat, we’re transparent about our research partnerships and we talk about our methodology as it relates to the data being presented. It may be impossible – or at the very least, extremely difficult – to get completely unbiased data, but one thing you can do is look for transparency from the source.


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