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UPDATED! Live Chat Performance Benchmarks, 2012
While many of the goals of this analysis remain consistent with the inaugural version, there are three additional goals which themselves were born from readers of the initial report. The original goals remain:

  1. Present benchmarks for a wide variety of live chat operational practices
  2. Uncover implementation differences affecting key live chat operational issues
  3. Test the statistical causality of live chat operational best practices

The additional goals in this updated version are:

  1. Monitor and report on changes to key benchmarks since the first report
  2. Calculate benchmarks for higher traffic sites
  3. Identify and present benchmarks for elite users of live chat


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Live Chat Performance Benchmarks, 2012:  Because our products are provided through a software-as-a-service model, our infrastructure includes aggregated data from thousands and thousands of live chat customers. This massive base of real-world data has enabled us to extract the findings presented in this document.
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Holiday Readiness Handbook 2012:  This paper, created from the survey results of more than 300 companies explores the importance of the holiday shopping season for online businesses, the preparations they make generally, and the impact the holidays have on the live chat implementations present on the respondents’ sites.
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5 Ways BoldChat is Different:  Why go with BoldChat? We know there are many choices when it comes to live chat. Here's 5 reasons to go Bold.
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Live Chat Buyer's Guide:  If you’ve started investigating solutions then you also know there are a confusing number of choices available. Here are ten questions that can help you to find the right product for your business.
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5 Questions about Proactive Chat:  Without a doubt, the most talked about and controversial topic surrounding live chat software is the practice of proactively inviting visitors to engage in a live chat interaction. This short whitepaper answers the five most frequently asked questions about proactive chat.
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Live Chat's New ROI: Return on Invitations:  This whitepaper contains detailed information and step-by-step implementation plans which will help readers extract maximum value from pro-active live chat.
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Google Analytics Integration:  
This paper is geared toward persons who are comfortable working with HTML code. Advanced HTML coding is not required but some level of familiarity with the basics of HTML will be helpful. Experience implementing Google Analytics code and setting up Goal Funnels is a requirement for anyone wanting to follow the best practices contained herein.
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Holiday Readiness Handbook 2011:  This whitepaper marks the second year of our attempt to uncover "from-the-trenches" ideas about live chat tuning.
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