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BoldChat Enables Dallas Personal Injury Firm to Create New Business, Reach New Heights

Written By: admin | Date: Wed, 03 Jul 2013

BoldChat is installed on thousands of websites all over the world, but for us, it’s still interesting to hear a use-case for BoldChat that is in an unexpected vertical. Today’s blog post is a guest post by Dallas attorney Michael Grossman.

The foundation of any good law firm is a team of lawyers who passionately advocate for their clients’ rights. However, just like any business, you need more than good intentions to succeed; you need innovative business strategies. At first, hearing the terms “law firm” and “business strategies” in the same sentence may seem somewhat counterintuitive. But in reality, the legal industry is precisely that: an industry. And just like every other business in every other industry, our firm faces significant competition which prompts us to cultivate news means of generating the cases that keep us at the forefront.

Dispensing legal advice (our stock and trade) in a general and indiscriminate fashion online is none too wise for ethical and liability reasons. You truly need to get feedback from a client to communicate the best strategy for their particular needs. Yet, most lawyers recognize that many prospective clients are not certain enough of their own rights, or they’re simply scared of the repercussions, to actively seek out advice via telephone. BoldChat has allowed us to bridge the gap and offer legal advice in real-time, while still offering the anonymity that a prospective client needs until we’ve built a rapport with them.

Here’s an example of how it works:

  • A dock worker is injured by an 18-wheeler. He searches for information related to his dilemma and he makes his way to our site.
  • He finds information on our site about filing a workers’ compensation claim but also about filing liability claims against a commercial vehicle operator. But which information is relevant to him?
  • He spots the chat option on our site and in seconds he’s getting advice from a licensed Dallas truck accident attorney.
  • We explain that he certainly has the right to file a work injury claim, yet since the 18-wheeler was operated by a third party, our best recommendation is to direct his claim toward that party, thereby allowing him to avoid souring the relationship he’s built with his employer.

Simply trying to communicate such a specific strategy in our web copy would be impossible; there are too many variables. Asking a prospective client to pick up the phone and call a lawyer when the client is worried that his employer may find out and retaliate (a common concern) is asking too much. Again, BoldChat bridges the gap and provides our clients with a solution that meets their needs.

Furthermore, we use BoldChat on our office computers as well as the iPhone app, meaning that our clients can chat with us nearly 24 hours a day. Using BoldChat to make ourselves available when, and in ways that other attorneys are not, has resulted in our firm being hired in several very important cases that we otherwise would have not obtained. Without BoldChat, those clients would have seen us as yet another unavailable law firm. With BoldChat, we’ve gained a legitimate advantage over our competitors.

Dallas personal injury attorney Michael Grossman
Grossman Law Offices, P.C.



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