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Mobile Engagement Defined

Written By: Ross Haskell | Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2014

Mobile engagement is not advertising.  While the issuance of mobile ads is a discipline in and of itself, it is distinct from the concept of mobile engagement.  Mobile engagement is about communication or the facilitation of conversations between a business and a customer either in real-time or asynchronously, through a variety of connection channels.

The widespread adoption of both smartphones and tablets, coupled with their constant connection to social media outlets, has shifted the customer/business balance of power squarely to the consumer.  Because of this phenomenon, “mobile engagement” today, looks much different than it should.  One of our hopes, over time, is to empower businesses to better understand mobile engagement so that they might embrace it, optimize it, and build competitive advantage from its superlative execution.

Today’s definition, decidedly reactive from a business perspective, might read something like this:

Mobile engagement is when a customer chooses to connect with a business, either due to convenience or circumstance, in order to seek support for an issue or to assist them in researching and transacting business with the firm in question.

The definition we hope that businesses will adopt sounds more like this:

Mobile engagement is an operational practice which includes an organized and intentioned set of actions, processes, people, and technology aimed at being ready to efficiently and superlatively handle customers who engage from mobile devices and the ability to purposefully and proactively engage mobile customers in order to assist them whenever, wherever, and however they want to be helped.

In order to achieve the second definition, companies must understand why mobile engagement happens, with whom, what drives engagement satisfaction, and when to engage proactively.  We recently fielded a comprehensive primary research effort to discover just these things.  In some upcoming posts, we’ll talk about the research and its findings.  Stay tuned.

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