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BoldChat’s Latest Release (v7.7) Offers Superior Mobile User Experience

Written By: Kristine Haglund | Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2014

With 50%[1] of mobile phone users reporting mobile as their primary internet source, it’s vital to customize and change the way you’re supporting your website traffic. Mobile users expect communication to be tailored to their device with several quick contact options available.

Going mobile isn’t just a benefit – it’s a necessity. That’s why we’re excited to announce that the latest launch of BoldChat (v7.7) includes powerful mobile features that will help businesses to superlatively engage their mobilized customer base.

Layered Chat Window – Navigating between windows on a mobile device is an inconvenience that can now be avoided. BoldChat v7.7 offers a layered window that is exceptionally suited for the mobile environment. The most seamless and customizable mobile chat experience available, layered chat uses a superimposed window over the mobile content so visitors can browse and chat simultaneously.  The visitor can use touch-based gestures, such as taping and swiping, to control the chat. In keeping with BoldChat’s philosophy to empower our customers, administrators will have complete control over the window’s aesthetics.

At-a-Glance Mobile Identifier – Chat agents need to know if they are chatting with a mobile visitor so that they can modify the speed and length of their response.  BoldChat 7.7 introduces a simple, yet  powerful mobility indicator that is front-and-center for the chat agent.

Enterprise-Grade Features – BoldChat 7.7 also includes several other new features – all aimed at helping larger sized clients to more effectively manage their live chat operation.

Data Retention/Data DeletionBoldChat provides administrators with an intuitive interface to manage the storage and purging of chat data resident in the LogMeIn infrastructure.

Automatic Distribution/Multiple Assignment AlgorithmsThe way customers assign work can vary and new changes to our Automatic Distribution Engine introduce the capability to assign work based on different logic.  Customers can choose to deliver work in a round-robin, least-busy, or most-busy methodology and can use different assignment algorithms inside the same account – round-robin for sales departments and least-busy for support operations, for example.

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[1] SuperMonitor; 2013

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