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Effective Mobile Engagement (part 1 of 5): New Research Reveals Five Critical Conclusions

Written By: Ross Haskell | Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2014

We recently completed the most comprehensive piece of research ever done on the subject of effective mobile engagement. Nearly 6,000 respondents across ten countries were surveyed, and the results are both informative and, from an operations standpoint, transformative. The respondents were mobile device users who had at least, at one time or another used the device to engage with a company for support, eCommerce, or both. The percentage of those qualifying for the survey was very high – over 80%. The Effective Mobile Engagement report can be downloaded here, but below is a summary of the five findings. In future posts, we will explore some of these in more depth.

#1: Mobile Engagement is Flourishing

The state of mobile engagement is very healthy with about 50% of the worldwide population engaging companies at least sometimes using their mobile device and approximately 20% of people engaging often or all the time while mobile.

#2: No Mobile Engagement Strategy is Complete without Text-Based Channels like Chat

Live chat is more frequently used on mobile devices than we hypothesized. In the US, for example, 57% percent of the US population say they frequently engage in chats from their mobile devices.

#3: Mobile Changes Everything

For engagements generally, and for specific engagement channels like live chat, the introduction of mobile changes what constitutes success or satisfaction. Also, the relative order of success/satisfaction determinants also changes when looked at through the mobile filter. In short, mobile engagement has operational considerations distinct from non-mobile engagement.

#4: High Frequency Shoppers and Technical Support Seekers Suggest Unique Considerations

People who often use their mobile device to seek technical support and those who use it regularly for shopping are more likely to use more mobile channels, and their mobile expectations are higher than the population at large.

#5: Support and Sales are Different

Mobile engagement is used for both support and sales scenarios, but there are important differences which can be instructive from an operational standpoint. Engagements happen in different places, at different times, and through different channels given the nature of the contact

We’ll drill deeper into some of these conclusions in future posts. To read the entire Effective Mobile Engagement report, you can download it now.

(Image source: David Goehring)

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