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Effective Mobile Engagement (part 3 of 5): Mobile Changes Everything You Know about Live Chat Success

Written By: Ross Haskell | Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2014

This is part three of our series in which we discuss the findings of a recent and comprehensive research report on mobile engagement. In the last post we looked at how mobile impacts proactive chat and here we conclude our exploration of the mobilized live chat channel.

In live chat deployments of size, we know that optimization of the operation is a multi-faceted task involving constant monitoring, measurement, training and testing. Over the years, providers like us and practitioners like our thousands of customers have come to understand the key success drivers of a live chat session. The Effective Mobile Engagement study sought to understand what happens to these factors, if anything, when you contemplate the chat session occurring in a mobile environment.

The entire survey universe was queried about the importance of certain factors in determining a live chat session’s success, and then we asked if any of those factors become more or less important if the chat is mobile.

We see that being mobile makes almost nothing less important, with the possible exception of agent grammatical correctness. All the remaining factors become more important for about half the respondent pool, and in an inconsistent way; meaning that the most important factors, sans-mobile, don’t necessarily line up in the same order when the respondents considered live chat engagements with mobile. The message is that to please customers chatting with you from mobile devices, you have to do things differently than with your customers chatting from their computers.

For example, notice that agent speed, brevity and chat window accessibility get more important for mobile engagers, in that order. These findings have technology implications which any business thinking about mobile live chat should strongly consider. For example, chat window rendering, user-controlled minimization and message waiting alerts are just some of the ways to address the increased importance of chat window accessibility when chatting from mobile devices.

And while technology considerations are one lesson from these findings, they are certainly not the only takeaway, nor the most significant. What these results show, en masse, is that the operational aspects of mobile engagement, from the very perspective of those that businesses would want to engage, are different then when engaging someone when they are not on a mobile device.  And, not only is it different, it’s harder.


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