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Effective Mobile Engagement (part 5 of 5): Mobile Engagement Report Card – Average At Best

Written By: Ross Haskell | Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2014

This is the last post in our series regarding the Effective Mobile Engagement research report. In the last post we looked at the email channel, and we provided a picture of what many of the respondents say make for successful mobile engagement with a company.  Unfortunately, there aren’t too many successes out there as we’ll see in this post.

We asked respondents – both those that have had mobile sales engagements and those having mobile support engagements to tell us what channels they’ve used from their mobile device and then, how satisfied they were with those engagements.

Looking only at the scores for “Satisfied and Very Satisfied,” we see that in both mobile sales and support engagements, the scores across channels are poor – no business can succeed by only satisfying 65% of their customers – or less. While we would expect mobile support interactions to be lower than ecommerce interactions, neither of them are very good.

Disillusioned with the results, we sought to understand if what we are seeing is an industry phenomenon. Are one or more industries/verticals responsible for the abysmal showing? We know that the mobile sales engagements occur with retailers and/or pure-ecommerce firms, so we looked only at the mobile support engagement numbers. In this case, we ignore engagement channel and look solely at overall satisfactions, regardless of contact method.

Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t get any prettier. Despite the proliferation of, and opportunity inherent in mobile engagement, satisfaction across both channels and industries is depressingly low. One can look upon this finding with hopelessness, but we prefer not to. Mobile engagement is the next frontier, and we are confident it can be done right with exceptional results.

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(Image Source: Harry Tahiliani)

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