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Hear You! Hear You!

Written By: Kristine Haglund | Date: Fri, 30 May 2014

Your Voice Matters

Last month we launched a new feature to enhance the post-chat operator experience. The release is noteworthy not just for its powerful new feature, but because it highlights one of the tenants of our software development process – building what our customers want. The post chat operator survey is a direct response to a customer request to develop a customizable wrap up for operators. Here’s the story of how it happened.

We Listen

Customers drive our product. Turning a request into a release is not an uncommon practice at BoldChat – we do it with every release we publish. We’re always improving, changing and tweaking what BoldChat can do. When a customer asks for an enhancement; our first thought is:  will other customers find this valuable? And if yes, how can we deliver? Of course every request isn’t implemented, but many of them quickly find a place on the BoldChat roadmap.

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to customer feedback and ideas. Our aggressive development cycle is supported by our lean methodology, allowing us to release numerous product enhancements throughout the year. We’re focused on staying current with the market and providing our customers with continuous product enhancements and features that will benefit consumers.

Our Post-Chat Operator Survey is no exception. After receiving feedback to add customizable fields to our already existing post-chat wrap up, we researched and reviewed the reason behind this request. Capturing visitor information not only provides better customer service, but also creates leads, quality assurance, consistency, and increases productivity amongst agents.  We also supported the fields in our API, creating the opportunity for a logical integration point with other products a customer might have in their software eco-system.

The Enterprise-level agent-facing survey gives supervisors control over their post-chat wrap up by requiring operators to complete a mandatory survey prior to closing a chat. Supervisors can customize the survey with required and/or optional fields that include drop-down, radio buttons, and single or multi-line text.

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