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Effective Mobile Engagement, European Style (Part 1 of 2)

Written By: Ross Haskell | Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2014

Our Effective Mobile Engagement report – based on the results of a survey with nearly 6,000 respondents across 10 countries has been written about in the press, been the topic of a blog series right here on the BoldBlog, and was featured in a webinar a few weeks ago.  The results of the research, while global in nature, can also be analyzed with a pointed geographic focus.  For the purposes of the report we rolled together all the European Union Countries in which we collected responses – France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK. For businesses that sell into or service customers across these nations, there are some interesting differences when it comes to mobile engagement.  These differences are explored in a two-part blog series and in an upcoming Mobile Engagement webinar.

The published report concludes that mobile engagement is flourishing – that the state of mobile engagement is very healthy with about 50% of the worldwide population engaging companies at least sometimes using their mobile device, and approximately 20% of people engaging often or all the time while mobile. This is even truer in Europe with as much as 77% of people in some countries using their mobile device to engage with companies either for sales, support, or both.

You can see that among the European countries included in the research, Italy is more likely to engage companies while mobile across the board while the UK is more likely to use their mobile device for shopping oriented engagements. Spain is less likely across all the mobile engagement scenarios.

Channels of mobile engagement for shopping are also different on a per geography basis.  The research, as a whole, stated that mobile engagement is about much more than voice interactions.  Voice interactions, in fact, were not even the most widely used channel of mobile engagement – especially for commerce related interactions.  The country by country breakdown reveals some interesting differences:

Email is the channel most frequently used though the contest is very close in the UK with 56% of respondents in that country indicating that they use voice calls to engage in shopping scenarios while mobile. For the other countries email wins by nearly 40 percentage points. When it comes to live chat, the French are less likely to use it – perhaps because their preferred text-based method is SMS Messaging.  Chat is used by a third of both Germany’s and the UK’s population for mobile engagement. Social media is surprisingly strong, except in the UK where it is only 19%.

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