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Live Chat Research Report, Round II

Written By: admin | Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010

Our second annual study on the effectiveness of live chat software has just been released. This year’s report is based on a much larger sample size which enabled some intriguing cross tabulation analysis. Rather than wax philosophic about the intricacies of the report’s methodology and the validity of the analytic approach, it’s probably more useful to simply reveal the end-game. Here are the five conclusions supported by the research:

  1. There is a relationship between certain demographics and psychographics and those who have had experience with live chat technology.
  2. There is a widening gap in attitude and behavior between those who’ve had a live chat interaction and those who have not.
  3. Live chat is effective in both sales and service interactions.
  4. Fear of proactively inviting visitors to chat is unfounded.
  5. Certain types of e-tailers may find live chat relatively more effective.

These conclusions were reached by using multiple data points throughout the 23 page report. Some of the most interesting stats from this year’s research are:

- The number of respondents who’ve had a live chat interaction with an internet retailer rose by 4 percentage points.
- 56% of the sample indicated that live chat technology positively influenced their purchase intent
- Across 6 shopping scenarios, those that have had a live chat before chose “Live Chat” as their #1 most preferred communication method.
- Of those that have chatted before, more than 75% of them agreed that their most recent live chat interaction positively influenced their attitude about the merchant.
- Those whose last live chat interaction was prior to making a purchase rose 7 percentage points vs. 2009.
- 20% of respondents who indicated they recently shopped at an online Jewelry retailer ranked their reaction to being proactively invited as “5” on a 1 to 5 scale.

The entire live chat report can be downloaded for free.

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