Analytics & Reporting

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Reporting Engine

Reporting on performance is key to increasing the number and effectiveness of customer interactions. Robust, historic data about visits, chats and other channels is available on an ad hoc or recurring basis.

Actionable Insights from Data

Interpreting the underlying data associated with live website engagements is its own science. BoldChat includes tools that facilitate the rapid transformation of this data into actionable information. Users, supervisors, and administrators can easily:

  • Determine proper staffing
  • Pay commissions
  • Identify the most successful proactive invites
  • Track agent responsiveness
  • Measure marketing program effectiveness
  • And more

BoldChat houses multiple data points and then provides an intuitive web-based reporting capability to turn the raw inputs into useful information. The result is improved performance in the least amount of time.


Standard reporting templates are included to make the most commonly accessed information available with just a few clicks. Examples include chat volume summary, canned messaging summary, proactive invitation summary, chats resulting in conversions, and more.

These flexible reporting templates give you visibility into performance metrics that matter to your business. All of our web-based reports can be created in PDF, HTML, CSV, or XLS formats. You can quickly and easily schedule reports to be emailed automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Visitor History

If the old adage is true - you can't know where you're going unless you know where you've been - then having access to a visitor's history with your website is critical to assisting them well.

Visit History

When an agent is engaged in a chat, the Visit History tab allows them to quickly see how many times the website visitor has been on-site and what pages they've navigated to during each one of those visits.

Chat History

The chat history tab is a handy way for agents to quickly investigate past conversations that the visitor has had. It's especially helpful in a support setting so that the customer need not explain their issue over and over. In sales engagements, as well, past chats can be powerful for driving conversions.

Conversion History

In addition to seeing all the chat interactions a visitor has engaged in, agents also have access to past conversions completed by the user. Conversions need not only be sales, they can any website activity your business wishes to track - filling out a quote form, downloading a piece of collateral, activating a trial, etc...

SMS History

The SMS History tabs list past SMS texts accordingly. SMS History is particularly interesting because text conversations are especially asynchronous - it's not unusual for minutes or even hours to pass by between texts, so the ability to quickly access past messages from the same number is critical to maintaining conversational continuity.


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