Email Management Features

Do you know your average response time?

The Problem

Several options are available before chats start and after they conclude in order to ensure quality and to capture contact information.

Email Shouldn't Be Ignored

In our annual survey of regular Internet shoppers we learned two surprising things.  First, there is a large population (17%) of shoppers who prefer live chat above all other communication methods.  Twenty-three percent (23%) prefer to use the phone.  Seven percent (7%) are most comfortable with social media, and the remainder - 53% of the population - said that "email" was their preferred way to communicate.

Unfortunately, most companies don't pay attention to email with the same science they apply to other methods of communication.  You may have an email management problem if you find these questions hard, or impossible, to answer:

  • What's your firm's average response time for sales emails? Support emails?
  • What is your average time to resolve an issue submitted through email?
  • During what time of day do you receive the majority of email inquiries?

With BoldChat's integrated email management software, this problem can easily become a competitive advantage for your company.


The Solution

Our email management software functionality works because it supports a collaborative approach to email management. Emails aren't just simple messages, they are pieces of work - sometimes complex work - that need to be managed to resolution. It's the difference between forwarding an email and assigning it. It's the difference between responding to an email and taking ownership of the entire communication.

Organize & Assign

Subject/body routing directs emails into the correct workflow where they can be accepted, escalated, and resolved. An automatic email distribution engine is also available allowing auto-assignments and re-assignments to occur based on departments. BoldChat’s email management tools also allow ownership of an individual email, not just an entire thread, and reports can reflect the individual email and reassignment of the thread when agents are unavailable.

Auto-Responders / Canned Messages

Auto-responders answer many questions without the need for operator interaction while Adaptive Messaging™ puts frequently used responses at the fingertips of support and sales staff.

Robust Reporting

Automatic time stamping enables the easy-to-use reporting interface to show email statistics such as average speed of answer and average time to close. 

Communication Cohesion

Threading technology ties individual emails together and automatically reopens them when customers or prospects respond.

Rich Contextual Information

A full history of email communication with a customer provides agents with valuable background when responding to an email. Relate emails to chats to see a holistic view of a customer’s entire communication history. 

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