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SMS Management

Manage inbound texts just like email or chat.

How it Works

BoldChat Enterprise enables websites to offer and manage multiple communication types for customers and prospects. We automatically provide you with texting phone numbers within your zip-code so that you can manage inbound texts just like an email or chat.

Making the Connection

Offering customers the ability to send a SMS text for support is the next generation in web-based interaction.  It’s fast, inexpensive, and quickly becoming a preferred communication method across demographics.  The asynchronous nature of texting rapidly enables agent multi-tasking, increasing efficiency while simultaneously maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

You can set up one or more texting numbers directly from the BoldChat interface with just a few clicks.  Set up one for coupon codes and another for order tracking, for example.  Inbound texts can be routed, assigned, re-assigned and reported on just like any other work item.



From automated provisioning to automated responses, SMS texting is the newest way to support customers.

Automatic Provisioning

Select your area code hit, "Find Number," and that’s all there is to it.  You can now receive text messages directly inside the BoldChat managed interface.

Intelligent Canned SMS Messages

Agent speed is critical to the success of any interaction and canned messages can help.  Not only can you create a full library of appropriately sized messages, but the Adaptive Messaging™ engine, ‘reads’ the incoming SMS and offers the agent the best response. More about Adaptive Messaging for chats.

Auto Distribution

A load balancing feature automatically assigns texts to the proper operator.

SMS Threading & History

Messages going to and coming from the same number are threaded together as long as they are sent or arrive within an administratively set time-frame.  Beyond that time and the conversations are associated with the number and stored in an easily accessible ‘SMS history’ tab.

Escalate to Call

With a simple click, agents can initiate a click to call voice connection with the person that texted.


Set up an auto-response to deliver immediate satisfaction to your customer or prospect letting them know their message has been received.

What it Costs

The Managed SMS service includes a cost for number provisioning and a per-text fee as well.


Provisioning a phone number to which text messages can be sent and managed from within the BoldChat interface carries a $4.00 per month charge.

Individual messages in the United States (inbound and outbound) cost $0.02 each and messages from or to an international number $0.03 each.  Customers can buy blocks of messages in $10 or $40 lots.  Balances are automatically replenished.


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