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UI/UX Features

Intuitive and flexible interface for agents and administrators.

Admin & Security

In addition to an easy to use UI/UX for the chat agent, BoldChat has a rich set of features for chat administrators as well. Supervisors can see in real time the performance of all communications managed inside of BoldChat and set up alerts based on website or operator activity. Coupled with top-notch security features like permissioning and login controls, administration of BoldChat is a mission that is not only possible, but easily managed.

Data Obfuscation

Administrators can optionally turn on a proprietary algorithm to conceal number strings in a chat transcript. Social security numbers, credit cards, and other personal numeric information gets replaced with Xs when saved to the database.  Administrators can conceal data after a chat closes or in near-real time which prevents anyone from seeing number strings except the one agent assigned to the chat.

Permission Groups

BoldChat administrators can control interface access and actions at a very granular level. Using departments, folders, and permissions, it's easy to construct tiered levels of support or sales specialization groupings.

Supervisory Dashboard

A single screen shows a top down view of the entire website communication operation. With text and graphic displays supervisors can determine at a glance if chat, email, and remote assist queues are being handled optimally. Color-coded, customizable alerts flag items out of range and enable immediate drill down to specifics.

Advanced Security

Administrators have the ability to control the security in regard to their agents' login activity. Making a few selections gives the added protection of blocking agents after failed logins, disabling inactive agents, disallowing automatic logins and more. When passwords are created, visual reminders prompt the user to create a strong password using a combination of letters, numbers and characters.

Single Sign On

Users can authenticate just one time to access the software they need to do their jobs. By embracing the SAML 2.0 protocol (Security Assertion Markup Language) BoldChat is able to support single sign-on with many enterprise identity management solutions. SAML is a widely adopted standard and the leading identity management products on the market are, in fact, SAML compliant. This includes: Microsoft Active Directory, Oracle Virtual Identity Manager, and Novell eDirectory.

Data Retention/Data Deletion

BoldChat provides administrators with an intuitive interface to manage the storage and purging of chat data resident in the LogMeIn infrastructure. Admins can employ a trashcan methodology which keeps the data, but hides it from view for a specified amount of time before completely deleting it or they can choose to automatically delete all the data on a schedule of their choosing. Granular controls are offered so that, for example, transcript data can be purged while retaining the data necessary to report on chat metrics.


Alerts & Discussions

Alerts persist from logon to logon so users can customize their PC to their own liking. In larger environments, administrators can pre-configure alert settings and distribute it across the environment to help enforce operational standards.

Supervisors can use discussions to offer assistance or agents can launch their own discussion to ask for help.

Alert Types

Agents can choose from multiple alerting methods for all work items including sound notification, flashing icon, system tray pop-up, and always-on-top chat pop-ups.

Real Time Coaching

BoldChat includes a unique instant discussion capability which connects agents and supervisors but also maintains cohesiveness within the workflow. Operator discussions are generally "tied" to a work item - a chat, a call, an email, etc. - to ensure that they are contextually helpful, and kept as part of that item's permanent record. Using the Integrated Workspace, discussions can be untethered.

PC Client

The client-side application is built around common UI paradigms in order to facilitate fast ramp-up time. The interface includes customization capabilities and is described by users as "easy to learn," "with an intuitive layout," and "simple to use."


The Windows .Net client is the most robust UI and supports the most user customization. You can filter the view of chats/calls/emails/SMS texts to see just those assigned to you, past items (by day or date), those with notes, flagged items, and more. Using the column chooser you can also select what information about each you want to see. Items can be grouped in the grid view using the group-by box and the interaction area is drag and drop customizable to support side by side tab viewing. Customization of grids, columns, and the workspace are persisted for agents.

Integrated Workspace

The Agent Workspace is a newly introduced user interface that automatically organizes and prioritizes all work items for the agent and provides all the necessary tools to interact with each item as well.


Web Client

Our newly updated web-based client is more powerful than ever. Most chat set-up and customization features are now available, so in smaller chat-only environments, it's possible to do everything online. In larger settings, the web client is still useful for chat agents who only need to login to take live chats from visitors.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Visitor monitoring and chat interactions with website visitors can be conducted using the BoldChat web client. Supporting Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, this UI is perfect for cross platform deployments because agents need only an Internet connection to login and take chats. Grid customizations, column selection and ordering, and all in-chat tools are available.

Web-based Chat Reporting

Web-based chat reporting provides you with an easy way to access chat reporting from any web browser on Windows and Mac. You can run, schedule and work with BoldChat reports interactively in HTML and you’ll find the chat data you need even faster and easier than before.

Limited Admin Functions

Many of the chat-focused set-up and customization options are available via the Web Client, but for larger chat deployments using permissioning, skill routing, and/or automatic chat distribution, the PC Client will still be required.

Multiple Language Support

Owing to BoldChat’s continual pursuit of agent efficiency, the web client is available in eight additional languages beyond English. With just a few mouse clicks, chat agents can choose to use the web client’s chat functionality and web reports in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, or Japanese.

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