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The Perfect Fit

Right features, right prices, for any sized site.


Finding the right live chat software for your website is easy with BoldChat. All our products share a common infrastructure so no matter where you start you can upgrade seamlessly when you need more features.


A robust live chat solution available at an unparalleled price, BoldChat Pro includes critical functionality for both support and sales focused deployments. BoldChat Pro includes our rules-based proactive chat engine to help sites drive more conversations and more conversions.


The most complete live chat solution available and priced to deliver immediate ROI. BoldChat Premier includes functionality required by businesses that are serious about a world-class live chat operation.


Tailored for large scale deployments, BoldChat Enterprise is the industry's best value. With a feature set that matches or surpasses any competitive offering available. From an integrated work queue, agents can interact with website visitors through live chat, SMS texts, email, and Twitter.

New to Live Chat

Live chat can boost sales by 20%. What else can you say that about?

1 in 5 Website Shoppers Prefer Live Chat

A survey of 1,000 regular online shoppers revealed that live chat is the preferred communication method for 20% of the population. Those that prefer live chat are more likely to buy frequently, live in households with higher annual incomes, and be aged 31 to 50.

Drive More Website Conversions & Higher AOV

Chatters are 4 times more likely to convert than a regular website visitor and average order values are typically 25% higher. During in-depth interviews with online businesses, the e-tailing group heard directly from merchants that live chat positively impacted every single website metric. "Chat performance is 5x conversion rates of other points of contact." "Live chat is 10 times normal site conversion" "We get 20% conversion from both chat and phone, but the phone costs me 3 to 4 times as much."

Drive Down Support Costs

Live chat also makes sense in a support setting. The asynchronous nature of chat, combined with an agent's ability to handle more than one text based communication at once delivers a near immediate return to the bottom line.

Easy to Deploy & Customize

Live chat technology is a powerful tool yet simple to install and operate. Because BoldChat is offered as a hosted service, you need only to paste a small snippet of HTML code onto your site to get started.

SMB Solutions

Easy to deploy with fast results.

Easy to Implement

BoldChat live chat technology relies on small snippets of HTML which we provide and you'll paste onto your website. Once in place, BoldChat live chat is immediately available on your website.

Grows with You

All BoldChat products share a common infrastructure which means that if you ever decide to upgrade you won't need to redeploy anything. When you're ready, BoldChat is too.


The basics are easy to master and soon you'll be exploring ways to optimize the experience for yourself and those who chat with you. Based on the HTML you've likely already placed on your site - proactive invitations, customized chat windows, tailored pre and post chat forms, and more are just a few clicks away.

Rapid ROI

Because you're in control of the BoldChat system and because of our value-focused pricing, you'll experience the industry's fastest return on investment.


Enterprise Solutions

Full featured solutions with an uptime guarantee.

Trusted Provider

Large ecommerce sites and enterprises across the globe have placed their trust in both BoldChat and its staff. Our Tier-1 datacenter ensures both scalability and reliability with years of 99.99% uptime experience. And while our technology is robust and powerful, it's our people that really make us different. We want our customers to be successful so we take care of them better than anyone else.


Nobody invests more in understanding how to make live chat perform. From our annual Live Chat Effectiveness research to commissioned studies to benchmarking analytics, BoldChat invests time and money in building a wealth of knowledge so that customer deployments will be flawless and the results rapid.

Deep, Innovative Functionality

We know what makes a chat interaction successful from both the visitor and the operator perspective. In accordance with this knowledge, we've built features into our enterprise offerings which facilitate agent efficiency and speed while simultaneously delivering a superior visitor experience. Adaptive Messaging, co-browsing, an integrated workspace UI, and an extremely robust proactive chat rules engine are just a few of them.


BoldChat combines enterprise service at a great price. One of the biggest values in using BoldChat is that the tools are in your hands. Many chat companies require a service engagement to make even a simple change to your chat implementation. In today’s on-demand world, waiting is unacceptable. We ensure that you have the power to make changes to your own deployment, we also offer unmatched customer service that is there if you need it. The people behind the scenes have been working since 2003 to make BoldChat one of the leading providers of live chat technology.