BoldChat Enterprise

A scaleable integrated website communication solution.

Integrated Communication Benefits

BoldChat Enterprise helps to maximize agent efficiency, increase sales, boost customer satisfaction, and build loyalty.

Rapid ROI

BoldChat Enterprise delivers fast pay-back because it is as robust as it is easy to deploy, customize, train, and optimize. We place the power of continual improvement into the hands of businesses, enabling them to adapt at web-speed. Our professional services organization is always available to help customers gain traction, but enterprises are never beholden to them.

Better Website Sales Performance

Using the metrics and tools provided by BoldChat Enterprise, customers can expect to see chat close rates range from 15% to 40%. Average order value will increase by approximately 25% and overall conversions will experience about a 20% lift. Conversion tracking and productivity reporting automate commissioning and identify training opportunities which help to keep conversion rates on the rise.

Cost Savings

Chat, SMS, managed email, and Twitter communications are more efficient than traditional calls in a contact center. An integrated and intelligent queuing interface allows agents to manage multiple simultaneous communications while ensuring the highest levels of satisfaction. These facts, combined with BoldChat Enterprise's value price tag, ensure that customers experience meaningful cost savings quickly.


Product Features

BoldChat Enterprise is our most fully-featured solution including multiple communication options, superior built-in intelligence, administrative oversight features, and advanced reporting. Besides all the features available in every other BoldChat edition, Enterprise also offers:

Integrated Workspace

determines the most critical work items needing an agent's attention. The most pressing work offers visual indicators and is placed at the top of a fluid work queue.

SMS Messaging

With a simple click, you can provision a number so that customers can engage you in an SMS conversation. This asynchronous communication method is growing in popularity and offers companies and easy way to maximize agent efficiencies.

Email Management

The email management functionality in BoldChat Enterprise works because it supports a collaborative approach to email management. Emails aren't just simple messages, they are pieces of work - sometimes complex work - that need to be managed to resolution.

Twitter Management

BoldChat lets companies maximize their Twitter ROI by leveraging existing skilled resources who already handle near real-time communications to handle yet another – and all while maintaining the proper controls that exist around customer engagement.

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