BoldChat Enterprise

The multichannel solution that gives you complete website ownership and control.


As the use of technology has rapidly progressed, consumer expectation has also risen. Consumers access the world by email, SMS text, live chat and social media and they expect businesses to do the same.

The variety of channels available for consumers to reach out for assistance is of critical importance. Real time customer assistance is important to the buying process - a Loudhouse study suggests that up to 83% of online customers admit they need help when buying. Businesses must now consider the impact of offering, or choosing not to offer, multi-channel sales and support to their prospects and customers. If they don’t get the right help, 48% will abandon the shopping cart.

Gone are the days when a customer reaches out by email and then patiently awaits a response. Today’s consumers know how to get the attention of companies and will often take a multichannel approach to seek help. Customers hoping for immediate service often use any means available to escalate their issues in order to get a quicker or more satisfactory resolutions

Key Benefits of Enterprise:

  • Meet multichannel expectations of consumers
  • Manager dashboard, allows view of all channels
  • Agent workspace improves agent efficiencies
  • Provide real time customer assistance

The multichannel expectations of today’s connected consumers

The BoldChat Enterprise edition is LogMeIn’s most robust communication solution. With its intuitive, fully integrated interface, agents can directly engage and convert website visitors through multiple channels:


Full functionality including an unlimited proactive rules engine, adaptive messaging technology, active co-browsing, automatic chat distribution, full visibility of visitor’s behavior, pre/post chat surveys, and much more. In addition to a full set of features, the product is fully customizable across multiple domains.

Email Management:

It is estimated that 50% of inbound sales emails are never answered. With the BoldChat team based email application, companies can organize, route, escalate, respond and report on their email communications to ensure a timely response to every email.

Twitter Management:

Use existing teams to handle customer service tweets alongside other communications channels. BoldChat finds relevant conversations and delivers them to the right resources for quick and satisfactory resolutions.

SMS Management:

Text messaging is a growing tool for customer support. Its asynchronous nature allows agents to multi-task and answer texts alongside chats and emails. Set-up takes just minutes and is managed entirely inside the BoldChat interface.

Multi-Department Rollover:

Gives admins the ability to have multiple rollover departments for which there is an inherent hierarchy for distributing incoming communications. Chats or emails can be routed to multiple departments in the event agents are unavailable. For example, rollover to department A first; if no one is available in department A, rollover to B; and so on.

The need for management oversight of all communication channels

With BoldChat Enterprise, managers have an immediate overview of the entire communication infrastructure. A single screen shows a top down view of the entire website communication operation. With text and graphic displays, supervisors can determine at a glance if chat, email, SMS, Twitter and remote assist queues are being handled optimally. Color-coded, customizable alerts ag items out of< range and enable immediate action.

Permission groups allow administrators to control the interface and actions of agents at a granular level. Tiered levels can be created using departments, folders and a variety of permission settings. And, in settings where security is top priority, administrators have access to security controls around agent login activity and password creation.

In-depth reporting, with the ability to extract important details about the BoldChat implementation, or the performance of agents, can help with staffing, commissions and marketing decisions. The robust reporting engine is designed for either automatic or ad-hoc reporting.

Agent efficiency and ramp up

Agent knowledge and eciency are critical in determining success in customer service encounters. The prioritized queue and easily accessible tools make BoldChat’s agent workspace intuitive and easy to use. All work items are automatically organized and prioritized for the agent and all necessary tools are either omni-present or available with just a click or hover of the mouse.

Inside the workspace, there’s no need to go back and forth between screens. Instead, items are placed in queue for the agent based on built-in intelligence that ranks and prioritizes work items. For example, a chat would take priority over an email, based on the immediate need for an answer. Reassignment times, limitations around simultaneous chats, email routing and more can be determined by administrators.

Adaptive messaging is another powerful tool that is helpful in making agents ecient. As a chat (or other work item) progresses, adaptive messaging continually updates to place the most appropriate canned messages at the top of the suggestion list. Agents can also direct the messaging search by pausing, or by highlighting text.

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