BoldChat for Mobile

Mobile Uprising

The frenetic growth of mobile adoption along with its unfettered infiltration into corporate work-life has been nothing short of revolutionary. Vital Magazine predicts that by 2016, 50% of all enterprise email will be opened on a browser, tablet, or mobile device. This ground swell effect of workers unabashedly bringing their devices to work and using them to logon to the corporate network made resistance a nonstarter, leaving support organizations to simply adapt.

And the same is true across every industry in the world; mobile is changing everything. In eCommerce, mobile shopping is sharply rising. According to Forrester, 29% of all U.S. eCommerce transactions will occur on a tablet or mobile phone this year, totaling $114 billion. By 2018, that percentage will rise to 54% of the total $414 billion in eCommerce sales.1

All this adds up to the fact that mobile matters. A lot. But the book on how to handle the mobile customer – whether internal or external – is still being written.

Mobilization Imperative

Mobile users act differently. Visitors to a mobile commerce site likely spend less time overall on the site in one sitting, but are more frequent repeat visitors. Time on page, total pages visits, and similar visitor metrics can be vastly different for the mobile customer. Similarly, providing support to the mobile user has its own set of unique challenges including connectivity concerns, readability, and more.

Reaching out to mobile customers requires new engagement methodologies and new aesthetic approaches that consider and take advantage of the wide variety of mobile form factors on the market today. In fact, no single screen resolution size owns more than 20% of Internet traffic.

BoldChat’s approach to mobile chat is a six-fold strategy with one goal. Mobile chat invitations, layered chat, mobile-aware windows, our iPhone app, in-app chat deployment and mobile reporting, all enable the optimization of the mobile experience for both the visitor and the agent.

Go Mobile with Proactive

BoldChat enables you to create an entirely unique set of proactive chat rules and invitations tailored for mobile visitors. With the ability to craft rules specific to mobile visitors, BoldChat is taking both the artistry and the science of proactive chat to the next level. Targeting a mobile visitor for chat is a two-step process. You’ve first got to create rules, and then you need to present an invitation that contemplates and complements the aesthetic boundaries of mobile devices.

BoldChat, by default, includes specially designed invitations that render beautifully on mobile devices in order to maximize customer engagement, whenever and wherever customers want. Users have complete control over the design elements of the invites or can simply design their own.

Layered Chat

The most seamless mobile customer experience can be achieved using BoldChat's layered chat technology, which superimposes the conversation directly onto the webpage with a semi-transparent window. During the conversation, the visitor can minimize the chat with a tap, swipe, or via a menu selection. When minimized, the chat is encapsulated in a small icon which visually indicates when an operator has sent a message. The window stays with them, even if they change website pages.

Customers are empowered to control the aesthetics of the chat experience. With layered chat windows, customers can modify colors and text, change transparency settings, and customize after-chat iconography.

BoldChat is Mobile-Aware

Chat windows are an interactive extension of your brand and need to function flawlessly regardless of the device your customers choose to use. BoldChat’s windows are mobile-aware and automatically sense and adjust if they are rendering on a mobile form-factor.

Once BoldChat detects the mobile device, several adjustments are made in order to ensure a clean and pleasant chat experience, even when the device is rotated. Chat messages are kept at the bottom of the chat window even when a virtual keyboard slides up, font sizes change if necessary, scrolling becomes automatic, and using the “enter” keyboard button acts like a “send” action in the chat window.

iPhone App

The BoldChat iPhone App means that you'll never have to miss an opportunity for live engagement. You'll see a complete and real-time list of visitors currently on site, be able to proactively invite visitors, drill down into visit details to see referring information, and more. The App is available in the App store for a one-time fee of $4.99.

Deploy Chat In-App

BoldChat offers a mobile SDK which enables customers to embed chat directly in native iOS and Android apps. By adding chat within apps, visitors have the ability to chat with an agent without ever leaving the app, creating a seamless engagement experience. BoldChat’s elegantly designed in-app chat can easily be deployed with minimal code, and developers can fully customize and implement chat using the mobile SDK.

Mobile Reporting

BoldChat offers mobile reporting capabilities that give agents and admins the ability to analyze and interpret
mobile chat activity, proactive mobile invites, website activity and chat survey data. Agents are able to identify mobile app visitors, steer the conversation and cater to the visitor's unique needs accordingly.

1 Forrester Research, “US Mobile Phone And Tablet Commerce Forecast, 2013 to 2018”, 12 May 2014