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3 Customer Engagement Trends You Can't Ignore

We’ll share the latest trends shaping the future of service and creating the next big competitive differentiators.

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5 Common Questions about Proactive Chat

Answers to the five most frequently asked questions about proactive chat.

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5 Live Chat Implementation Best Practices

This document on live chat implementation best practices comes from BoldChat's years of experience with thousands of customers.

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5 Reasons Why Live Chat Wins Over Today’s Connected Customer

Learn how you can use live chat to its full potential for your contact center.

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5 Tips for Live Chat Agent Success

This ebook is a short checklist to help agents provide superior service with live chat.

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5 Tips for Live Chat Supervisor & Admin Success

This ebook is a short checklist to help live chat supervisors and administrators provide superior service with live chat.

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5 Ways BoldChat is Different

The market for live chat software can be confusing; there’s a long list of providers and even longer lists of features. Among the companies that have an established history in the marketplace, there’s a secret many companies are afraid to tell. The fact is this: you won’t find much product differentiation between us – we all provide essentially the same thing.

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5 Ways to Wow the Connected Customer

Best practices for contact centers to understand their customers' needs, develop a strategy that effectively meets them, and be nimble in their response to a constantly changing customer landscape.

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67 Tips for Building Live Chat Success

Expert tips, tweets and actionable items to help agents and administrators alike provide superior service via live chat.

Case Studies | Sales, Customer Service

Abt Electronics

Serving customers quickly and effectively with more than 99.9% uptime.

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Actual Live Chat Agents

Agents from Abt talk about the benefits of using live chat, learning the software and multi-tasking while doing their other daily tasks.

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Adapting Digital Support to Meet Customer Needs

Discover how companies can adapt their support strategies to boost resolution rates and improve customer satisfaction.

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APIs and SDKs

Connect. Extend. Simplify. Leverage BoldChat to its fullest potential.

Case Studies | Customer Service

Appliance Zone

Smaller budgets, bigger opportunities.

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Appliance Zone's BoldChat Reps

Training & Ramp-up - Chat Supervisor Kari Allen talks about chat reps at Appliance Zone and how they train their new chat operators.

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Are You Mobile-Minded Enough to Keep Your Customers Happy?

Access this report and assessment tool to see how your mobile engagement strategy stacks up against industry standards and employ best practices to improve it.

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Auto Answers

Enhance web self service with BoldChat’s Auto Answer capabilities to help website visitors find answers to frequently asked questions quickly on their own before being escalated to a chat session for more advanced, personalized support.

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Best Practices to Connect With Today's Mobile Shopper

Retailers who don’t adapt engagement strategies for mobile customers are losing out.

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Bob Scott, of Boston Green Goods, Compares BoldChat

Bob Scott, Boston Green Goods, compares using BoldChat to other live chat options they've tried in the past.

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Bob Scott, of Boston Green Goods, On Proactive Chat

Bob Scott, Boston Green Goods, talks about the advantages of using proactive chat.

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BoldChat Architecture and Application Control

LogMeIn offers consistently reliable service to its BoldChat customers and is vigilant in efforts to provide services that are not only robust and reliable, but also secure.

This document describes how we achieve reliable scalability and the measures taken by LogMeIn to protect BoldChat customer data. This document explores each of the following:

  • Network, data flow, and system access and restrictions surrounding the infrastructure including threat detection, data encryption and security breach protocols
  • Brief overview of the physical security of the datacenter including the environmental framework and security procedures
  • Application controls including login and password configurations, permissions and data obfuscation
  • The internal policies and controls for all employees and contractors including confidentiality agreements, privacy policies, background checks and training
  • The BoldChat Business Continuity plan and Disaster Recovery process
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BoldChat as a Competitive Advantage

Appliance Zone CEO Jim Allen, discusses how BoldChat allows him to compete against larger firms.

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BoldChat Builds Better Customer Engagement

See how BoldChat helps companies elevate the conversation with better customer engagement, differentiating themselves and driving better business outcomes.

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BoldChat Email Management

In both support and sales situations, companies are doing a terrible job keeping up with the volume. In fact, it's volume that may be causing the problem.

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BoldChat Enterprise Features

This integrated suite is tailored for businesses who want to o er website visitors a multitude of contact methods. It includes all the premium functions of other editions in a multi-channel environment that includes chat, email management, SMS text management, Twitter management, SLA reporting, Salesforce® integration, and a supervisory dashboard.

  • Good for 10+ agent deployments
  • Integrated Agent Workspace
  • Multi-channel: chat, SMS, Twitter, and email management all in one console
  • Supervisory dashboard
  • Single Sign-on using SAML 2.0
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BoldChat Enterprise Overview

BoldChat Enterprise provides a website communication operation with everything it needs to maximize utilization, and deliver superlative service to visitors.

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BoldChat Features & Pricing

BoldChat is a proven technology for increasing website sales and improving customer service.

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BoldChat for Mobile

This report sheds light on mobile engagement, including its current state, channels in use, which industries consumers are engaging with, and how well they are doing.

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BoldChat for Twitter Management

BoldChat puts the appropriate tweets in the palm of your agent's hand.

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BoldChat Helps ASCAP Find Its Rhythm

After researching chat solutions, and conducting side-by-side evaluations of the leading vendors, ASCAP selected BoldChat by LogMeIn.

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BoldChat Omni-channel Engagement Solution

Seamlessly Engaging the Connected Customer: Exceptional customer experience has always been important, but it’s never been more difficult to achieve.

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BoldChat Overview

BoldChat by LogMeIn is a market-leading live chat and customer engagement solution that helps companies engage with their customers in the right way, at the right time to build loyalty, boost sales and improve operational efficiencies. Support isn’t just problem resolution for us – it’s about making our customers successful.

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BoldChat Premier Overview

A chat-only solution for larger deployments BoldChat Premier is our most robust live chat product built for multi-operator installations.

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BoldChat Professional Services

From beginning implementations to advanced optimization, we have a professional services engagement tailored for your needs.

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BoldChat Reports

All editions of BoldChat have reporting features that will facilitate the rapid transformation of data into actionable information.

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Boston Green Goods Reps Talk About BoldChat

Representatives from Boston Green Goods talk about why they like using BoldChat.

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Bulletproof Your Omni-Channel Strategy: Top Tips for Connecting with Today’s “Everywhere” Customer

Successful retailers now are omni-channel: they must be there with the right support wherever their customer is.

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Chat Experiment Engine

Whether you want to run simple A/B tests or a full suite of multivariate tests to better optimize your BoldChat implementation, our Experiment Engine has the power to deliver.

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Effective Mobile Engagement, 2016

A study examining customer engagement with organizations via mobile devices.

Case Studies | Customer Service

Exent Technologies

game-changing, on-demand support solution.

Aberdeen Group
Analyst Reports |

Five Ways Live Chat Boosts Company Performance

This Aberdeen report highlights the top 5 benefits companies gain from using live chat.

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Getting Started with Auto Answers

BoldChat’s Auto Answers capability helps website visitors quickly find answers to frequently asked questions on their own. Auto Answers help o set volume and deflect routine inquiries, freeing up your agents to focus on more compli- cated issues and revenue generating opportunities.

Three ways Auto Answers can support your organization's customer engagement strategy:

  1. Deflect Inbound Communications
    Responding to routine inquiries about resetting passwords, billing, product options, etc. can be automated by intelligently serving customers the information they need using keyword triggers.
  2. Escalate in Real-Time
    For customers who don’t find the answer they are looking for in the first search, thresholds can be configured for how many times they need to try self-service before escalating to a live agent. Additionally, triggers based on queue size help control live chat tra c with forced self-service when your agents are at or near capacity.
  3. Cater to Problem Solvers
    Customers increasingly prefer self-service. In fact, 72% of customers search for information on a website or app before reaching out to an agent. Auto Answers serve this market perfectly; allowing them to quickly search through available information to find their answer.
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Google Analytics Integration

Live chat has come of age. Chatting with website visitors is no longer seen only as a way to reduce support costs. For some time now, savvy Internet retailers have utilized intelligent chat interactions as a key contributor in the sales cycle. This white paper explains how to implement Google’s Analytics code to uncover, at a granular level, exactly how important live chat can be to increase close-rates online.

While BoldChat is the ‘system-of-record’ when it comes to your site’s chat data, it is useful to integrate some of that data into your overall web analytics view. Doing this allows you to see how chat influences other key website metrics and it allows you to view ‘chatters’ as a unique visitor type. Once chats are tracked with Google Analytics, you’ll be able to set up funnels to track how chat influences goals, set chat itself as a goal in order to discover what type of traffic is likely to engage you in chat, create Advanced Segments to view chatters as standalone visitor types.

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How BoldChat Works

Learn how BoldChat provides complete control & flexibility to seamlessly engage with your customers through mobile and multi-channel communications.

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How to Harness the Power of Chat in Your Contact Center

ICMI and BoldChat share insights that reveal the importance of web chat to customers and their increased likelihood to switch companies when they aren’t satisfied.

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How to Successfully Implement a New Channel in Your Contact Center

Tips and tricks to utilize, and demonstrated best practices for how to successfully implement new channels within the contact center.

Infographics |

Infographic: Effective Mobile Engagement

A recent study on effective mobile engagement reveals a massive opportunity for B2C businesses to deliver differentiated experiences that delight consumers and earn their loyalty, advocacy and share of wallet.

The study was conducted by Vanson Bourne in the US, UK, France, Germany, India, Australia and New Zealand. It incorporates online interviews with 8,000 consumers that have used a mobile device for communicating with a company regarding a purchase or a query.

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Infographic: Live Chat Performance Benchmarks

BoldChat’s annual Live Chat Performance Benchmarks study includes comparisons between desktop and mobile visitors, and allows your business to compare its performance against aggregate data from thousands of customers (Download the full report).

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Infographic: Optimising Customer Experience in India

This Fifth Quadrant infographic visualizes the direct impact of poor consumer experiences on loyalty and advocacy, current frustrations with customer service, and expectations for delivering personalized and seamless experience.

Case Studies | Customer Service


Improving support and saving money.

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Jim Allen Talks About Choosing BoldChat

Jim Allen, CEO from Appliance Zone, talks about his decision to remove the 800# from their website and use BoldChat for chat and email.

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Jon Abt Testimonial - Results from Live Chat

President of Abt Electronics discusses the positive results they've seen from using live chat.

Videos |

Jon Abt Testimonial - Why Live Chat?

President of Abt Electronics talks about adding chat to improve customer service and sales.

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Leveraging Video Chat for Customer Support: 3 Key Questions Answered

We share the latest trends shaping the future of personalized virtual support.

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Live Chat Buyer's Guide

A live chat implementation can simultaneously help your business cut support costs and boost online conversions. If you've started investigating solutions then you also know there are a confusing number of choices available. These ten questions will help you to find the right product for your business.

Analyst Reports |

Live Chat Comparison

Your how-to guide for finding the perfect live chat vendor to help you achieve your business goals, by former Forrester analyst Diane Clarkson.

Analyst Reports |

Live Chat In Support Environments

Based on a primary research effort with more than three hundred companies who are active BoldChat customers, this report takes a close look at how live chat is used and measured in support settings.

Analyst Reports |

Live Chat Performance Benchmarks 2015

Using the aggregated metrics of thousands of customers, this 3rd edition of the report should give new and existing live chat users the benchmarks in which they can compare their own performance against.

Analyst Reports |

Live Chat: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

This Aberdeen report highlights the performance gains enjoyed by companies using live chat as a key part of their customer interactions.

Whitepapers |

Live Chat's New ROI: Return on Invitations

This white paper contains detailed information and step-by-step implementation plans which will help readers extract maximum value from pro-active live chat. BoldChat shares analytic techniques, reporting recommendations, and realistic timelines for implementing a pro-active chat program that simultaneously increases conversions and boosts the individual value of each resulting transaction. It's live chat's new ROI - the return on invitations.

Analyst Reports |

Market Overview: Chat Solutions For Customer Service

This Forrester Research report provides an overview of the chat vendor landscape, highlighting chat capabilities and support for a broad range of use cases, as well as a decision framework for choosing the right chat solution for your needs.

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MarketPulse: How to Succeed in Your Peak Season

This MarketPulse will help contact center leaders gain direct insight into how you can improve the effectiveness of your contact center in preparing for and engaging customers during peak, seasonal volume.

Case Studies | Sales, Customer Service

Miyachi Unitek Corporation

A better way to provide service.

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Mobile Customer Engagement for Retailers: How to Move from Hype to Success

Designing a top-notch mobile engagement strategy is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s essential for online retailers to be successful.

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Mobile Engagement Matters. How Can You Stay Ahead?

For companies who make mobile engagement a priority, these mobile moments represent a massive opportunity to deliver differentiated customer experiences that delight mobile customers, earning their loyalty and share of wallet.

Analyst Reports |

Mobile Retail: Engaged Shoppers, Better Results

Mobile devices have reshaped consumer communications and have changed the dynamics of retail. This Aberdeen Group Knowledge Brief summarizes those changes and how handling them effectively will help retailers maximize their performance.

Analyst Reports |

Mobile Shopper Experience Management

Succeeding as a modern-day retailer is no easy feat. It requires companies to optimized product margins, have the ideal mix of products at the right locations, but most importantly - it requires truly understanding shoppers in order to meet and exceed their needs. This Aberdeen Group report highlights how shoppers' growing use of mobile channels is changing the retail landscape and how retailers are adapting to this 'new normal.

Report Highlights:

  • Retailers with a well-designed mobile strategy enjoy a 97% greater year-over-year increase in annual company revenue
  • 54% of ecommerce interactions take place via consumer mobile devices
  • Best-in-class retailers are 2.5x more likely to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates year-over-year
  • Best-in-class retailers are 50% more likely to use analytics to predict shopper behavior and personalize future conversations"
Analyst Reports |

Optimising Customer Experience in India and Southeast Asia

This Fifth Quadrant report reveals the drivers of customer satisfaction so that organizations can invest in the appropriate resources and technologies, and better service customers to improve loyalty and advocacy.

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Rescue Integration

BoldChat lets you effortlessly initiate the on-demand support your customers need, helping improve agent efficiency and boosting customer satisfaction.

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Resource How to Deliver Great Customer Service During Peak Season

New consumer insights on expectations of service and levels of engagement that will impact how your contact center prepares for your busiest time of year.

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Salesforce® Integration

The Salesforce module enables and automates this process with the same flexibility and power customers have come to expect from BoldChat.

Case Studies | Customer Service


Taking email management to the next level.

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Seamless Mobile Shopping: What it Takes to Create a Perfect Experience

Discover the must-have features and capabilities that define a perfect mobile shopping experience – ultimately leading to increased engagement and higher mobile conversions.

Case Studies | Customer Service


Scalable seamless customer experience.

Case Studies | Sales, Customer Service


Opening new B2B communication channels for better service.

Case Studies | Sales, Customer Service

Sundance Catalog

BoldChat replaces Instant Service resulting in instant improvements.

Case Studies | Customer Service

The American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers

BoldChat helps ASCAP find its rhythm.

Case Studies | Sales, Customer Service

The North Face

Enhancing the online shopping experience, even when chat volume spikes by 23%.

Analyst Reports |

Three Steps to Become a Rock Star in Mobile Shopper Experience Management

Being able to deliver targeted and consistent messages across a multitued of interaction channels is key to reducing shopping cart abandonment rates and growing company revenue year-over-year. This Aberdeen Group checklist highlights three things retailers can do to design and manage a mobile shopper experience management program to stay ahead.

Analyst Reports |

Trends 2016: The Future of Customer Service

This Forrester report summarizes the top 10 customer service trends for 2016 that businesses must pay attention to in order to deliver customer service excellence.

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Upcoming Events & Webinars

View our upcoming events and live webinars.

Aberdeen Group
Analyst Reports |

Use Live Chat for Superior Omni-Channel Customer Experiences

This Aberdeen report covers the 4 steps you need to take to deliver consistent, personalized, and timely communications to your customers when using live chat.

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Video Chat

BoldChat’s fully integrated, native video chat capabilities provide a more personal and unique way to connect with your customers and prospects, differentiating your customer experience and driving richer engagements.

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What is BoldChat?

Overview of how BoldChat helps companies engage with their customers through real, human-to-human interactions on their desktop and mobile sites.

Analyst Reports |

Where Contact Centers Are Missing the Mark with Customer Care

This report will help contact centers understand the relationship between support interactions, channels, and improving loyalty by investing in the right technology and resources to keep up with customers' ever-changing behavior and preferences.

Case Studies | Sales, Customer Service


A cut above the rest.