Here to help. Even at 2am.

Collectively speaking, we never take a day off. Or even a short break.

Free premium 24/7 support for all customers, even when you’re test-driving.

We offer high-touch technical support through a variety of channels to every customer, including those in trial. Live chat is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

How are we doing?

In our annual customer satisfaction survey, we received impressive rankings across all support channels:

  • 96% of customers rate our support as being good or excellent.
  • 75% of customers using email for support rate resolution as excellent.
  • 75% of customers who've experienced support from another live chat provider rate BoldChat's support better. 80% of ecommerce customers with previous experience say the same.
  • 70% of customers using phone for support give our staff the highest ranking possible for both professionalism and knowledge.

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BoldChat FAQs

What is BoldChat?

BoldChat enables website owners to add live chat and other channels to their site(s) for resolving sales and support issues. BoldChat is not a public chat room, and we can’t even point you in the right direction if that’s what you’re looking for.

What is the difference between each of the BoldChat product editions?

Tailored for larger scale, omni-channel communication deployments, BoldChat Enterprise is an integrated solution including chat, video chat, auto answersemail management, Twitter management, SMS text management and more.

The Premier edition includes all of the features in the Pro edition, plus Automated Chat Distribution (ACD), which automatically assigns and balances the number of chats between live agents, active co-browsing, advanced agent reporting, My Canned Messages, and Salesforce® integration.

The Pro edition includes visitor monitoring, fully customizable and dynamic chat buttons, customizable chat windows, unlimited canned messages, a pre-chat survey feature, basic reporting, manual proactive chat invitations, a robust rules system for proactive chat invitations and comprehensive reporting.

Compare the three editions.

How does it work? Is it hard to set up?

If you can cut and paste, you can set up BoldChat. Once set up with an account, we provide a snippet of HTML that you will generate within the application and add to your website to create a chat button. Your website visitors can then click on the chat button to initiate chats, and your agents answer the chats using our flexible web-based application accessible from any browser. You can field multiple chats with different visitors at the same time, but rest assured, each chat is a private chat between you and each visitor.

You can login to the agent interface here. You can take a free trial here. For PC client users, you can download the latest version here.

How much does it cost and how is it priced?

Our products are priced according to a per-concurrent-seat model. For example, you might purchase two licenses, but set up five total agent logins. In this case, only two of the five agents can be logged in at the same time. View all of our pricing for details.

Are there any setup fees or contracts to sign?

No and no. There are no setup fees or long-term contracts. And if you choose annual rather than month-to-month, you can take advantage of a pretty sweet pricing discount.

Do you offer professional services? How much are they?

Yep. Our Professional Services are entirely optional and range from basic set up and customization to robust and ongoing account management geared toward optimizing performance. Learn more about our Professional Services.

If I use the free trial and decide to become a customer, will I have to re-implement?

No. We don’t believe in added complication. The 10-day free trial is available on any BoldChat product edition and is fully functional. If you decide to become a paying customer, just go through the checkout process (no payment information is required to try, so we don’t have it on file). Once you do that, your account will simply continue to function without having to re-implement the code.